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What Allan's done for the city of New Haven

"In the past Year and a half, Allan has championed several major pieces of legislation in the Board of Aldermen that concern Ward 10 and the city as a whole. Here are some of the highlights: "

  • Complete Streets legislation- Allan co-sponsored this vital legislation that promotes a more pedestrian/bicycle-friendly character for our city streets.
  • Green Cleaning Agent legislation- Allan co-sponsored and played a lead role in passing this bill which requires City departments to phase in cleaning agents that are less harmful to public health and the environment.
  • "Double-Dipping" legislation - Allan is a co-sponsor of this legislation [in committee] which will bring aldermanic oversight to the practice of giving retirees lucrative part-time City contract work for years, while allowing them to simultaneously draw a City pension.
  • Layoff Oversight legislation- Allan is currently working on this bill [in committee] which will give the BOA needed budgetary oversight of the recent negotiations between the City and city unions over concessions and layoffs.
  • Member, Blue Ribbon Budget Review Panel -Allan has advocated making the budget process more transparent and emphasized the need for more long range budget planning. This Panel has developed a number of suggestions on how to achieve this, and will release its first report by the end of June.
  • Member, Fight the Hike - Allan and other members of this citizen group successfully lobbied to have UI's recent rate hike requests denied, and are advocating for clean energy generation.

What Allan's done for
Ward 10

Allan believes the alderman's first job is to fight on behalf of constituents to ensure they get the city services they need.

Some of the concrete changes Allan has won for Ward 10 residents include:
  • Traffic Light re-design at the dangerous intersection at Ferry and State in Cedar Hill, to be completed this year.
  • Introduced and Passed a BOA Unanimous Consent resolution advocating for a Sound Barrier shielding Warren Place residents from an I-91 entrance in Cedar Hill. Currently working with the New Haven State Delegation to achieve this goal.
  • Removed a 2-hour parking restriction on Cottage Street at the request of residents. Gathered signatures and argued constituents' cause before the Traffic Authority.
  • Worked with School Construction Officials and area residents to minimize tensions at the Hooker construction site, and to develop a positive working relationship between the School and it's new neighbors
  • Continuous and continuing work with residents on trash dumping, safty, broken traffic signs, non-functioning street lights, abandoned cars, potholes, and all the day to day problems of city living.