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Allan's Priorities for the Future

In addition to continuing the work he's been doing, Allan is committed to addressing four major issues in the 2010-2011 aldermanic term:
  1. Crime and Public Safety:Allan is concerned about the level of crime in the district. He is pressing for Community Policing (cops on the street) based on the successful model instituted by Chief Pastore in the 90s. Block Watch programs are also being considered, provided good training is available.
  2. Elected Board of Education:The Board of Aldermen has virtually no oversight of the Board of Education, despite the fact that the school system accounts for 63% of the City's budgeted expenses. Allan will work to establish direct control of the Board of Education by the New Haven voters.
  3. Route 34 Development: Allan believes we must ensure that all community concerns are adequately addressed in this and all other development projects in New Haven
  4. Cedar Hill Youth Center:Allan plans to work with the churches in the Cedar Hill area to establish a Youth Center with activities and programs to engage the youth of the area, many of whom are at-risk.