Mike DeRosa Mike DeRosa for Ct State Senate

About Mike

"On November 4, 2008 I want your vote for State Senate.  WE need to do something different in the state legislature.  We need independent voices that represent regular voters and citizens.  It's time for change in Hartford and Wethersfield."
 -- Mike DeRosa

Some of Mike DeRosa's experience:

  • Founder of the non-partisan citizens' organization V.O.T.E.R. (Voter Opportunity Through Election Reform). VOTER helped write and played a significant role recently in passing Voter Verifiable Paper Trail (VVPT) legislation in the Ct State Legislature . This legislation requires that every computerized voting machine create a paper copy of each vote that can be used to audit each election thereby protecting your vote from fraud and manipulation.

  • A litigant (along with the Green Party and many others) in an ACLU federal lawsuit to allow third parties and independent candidates equal treatment under the recently passed CT Campaign Finance Law. The present law discriminates against third parties by requiring them to collect thousands and even hundreds of thousands of signatures to obtain funding from government grants under this law. The major parties are exempt from these requirements.

  • Graduated from the University of Connecticut with a BA in History. Many post-graduate courses in Education from Southern Connecticut State University. Taught school for three years in New Haven and was head of counseling at O.I.C. in New Haven.

  • Co-founder and currently a Co-Chair of the Green Party of Connecticut

  • Producer of an award-winning weekly radio show on WWUH (91.3FM).

  • Unlike some of his opponents, Mike DOES NOT TAKE corporate money from PACs and he is not supported by high-powered party-controlled law firms.

  • Presently residing in Wethersfield CT with his wife, Barbara Barry.

  • Numerous other experiences and awards as political activist and as a supporter of procedural democracy and government for and by the people.

"My slogan is: MAKE EVERY VOTE COUNT. With your vote and your support we can make that slogan a reality."