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Reasons To Support The Connecticut Health Care Security Act

John R. Battista, M.D. and Justine A. McCabe, Ph.D.
Connecticut Coalition For Universal Health Care
January 1, 2001

Would provide comprehensive health care insurance for all Connecticut residents while decreasing health care expenses

Would improve the health care of Connecticut residents without health insurance

Would improve the health care of the poor who are served by the Husky programs

Would end the poorer quality health care, disruption of continuity of care, destruction of patient confidentiality, and limited choice of health care givers associated with employer based, managed care health insurance

Would allow health care givers, health care organizations, health care advocates, employers and taxpayers to participate in insurer decisions about health care fees and benefits

Would decrease out of pocket expenses for Medicare recipients and workers who access health insurance through their employer

Would return medical decision making to health care givers

Would allow free choice of any licensed health care provider

Would lower future health care costs by emphasizing preventive health care

Would free workers from staying in unwanted jobs to maintain health insurance

Would end bankruptcy due to medical bills

Would lower health care costs for large employers, and make health care insurance more affordable for small employers

Would ensure patient confidentiality

Would maintain the current health care delivery system

Would maintain the income of health care givers

Would decrease activities detrimental to health by taxing them to the extent they contribute to health care costs

Would end the uncertainty and frustration associated with our current health care insurance system

Would ensure that health care costs in Connecticut increase at a rate less than the national average

Would ensure equal quality and access to health care for all