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Local activists can contact their Northeast Chapter of the Connecticut Green Party via EMail at:
We welcome all pieces of the solution, please view our calendar for Green Committee Meetings and events

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Phone Chris or Max at (860) 456-1804 

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 2nd District Nomination  
  Saturday, April 12, 2008

2nd District Nominating Meeting 
On April 12, Scott Deshefy won the Green Party nomination for the 2nd Congressional District of CT. You can find out more about Scott at his campaign website: He is also currently circulating petitions for ballot access, which will require 2,450 valid signatures of 2nd district registered voters; we have petitions available if you would to help with the effort (either by signing yourself, or by collecting signatures among your family, friends and neighbors). Contact if you have any questions.  

 Green Meetings  

Greater Willimantic/Mansfield Area 
Contact Max or Chris for more information.  

UConn/Storrs Area: 
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Community Issues 

Connecticut Coalition
			Against Millstone   CT CAM, The Connecticut Coalition Against Millstone, has a storefront at 13 Water Street, Mystic (down the street from Mystic Pizza).
 All are invited to visit, shop for or drop off banners, posters, fliers, literature, T-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, whatever, for display and/or sale at the storefront to make it an appealing and stimulating destination for all ages.
 The storefront is in need of volunteers to answer telephones and great visitors. (& donations are also needed to pay the rent and cover legal expenses.) If you can help, please email Nancy Burton at or phone Chris Demorit at (860) 456-1804.

Windham Issues

Charter Revision: Working on changing the Town Charter to allow the right of citizens to petition for referendum.
Water Issues: Attempting to get the UCONN Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility moved out of the Windham Public Drinking Watershed.
Contact: Michael at email
Thread City Third Thursday Street Festival: Working with other groups and the town, we got the monthly festival off the ground! Learn more at Contact: Jean at

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Jean de Smet elected Windham First Selector 2007!  

ECSU Students!  
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Vote where you live and effect change in Windham! Download a voter registration form here. 

Activism Knowledge  
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Learn about civil disobedience to make protesting more effective. Check out civil disobedience for information.