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Candidates for Constable, Stamford 2009

What is a Constable? In Connecticut, a Constable has the same duties, within the boundaries of a town, as a State Marshal:  serving legal papers to the people named in a lawsuit. (This role was also fulfilled by County Sheriffs until that office was abolished in 2000.)

    David Bedell David Bedell

A resident of Stamford since 2001, David works as an English teacher and is also a Justice of the Peace. He is secretary of the Fairfield County Green Party chapter and serves on the advisory board of Teachers Against Prejudice. In 2007 he replaced his car with a bicycle.

David is also running for the Board of Representatives.


    Mary Farrell Mary Farrell

A resident of Stamford since 1994, Mary has worked as an event planner and receptionist at a number of local businesses and has volunteered with Friends of the Ferguson Library, Literacy Volunteers of America, and the Historic Neighborhood Preservation Program. She does all her commuting by bicycle, bus, or foot.

Mary is also running for the Board of Representatives.


    Rolf Maurer Rolf Maurer

A former Associate Editor with Folio: magazine, Rolf Maurer has collectively spent eight years working in trade and directory publishing, and, as former co-chair of the Unitarian Universalist Society in Stamford's Civil Liberties Action Committee, organized a series of lectures and panel discussions on the PATRIOT Act and related topics. He has relied completely on mass transit since 1999.

Rolf is also running for Mayor.


If elected, David, Mary, and Rolf promise:

  • Reliable and efficient process service throughout Stamford:
    - Writs
    - Subpoenas
    - Summons and Complaints
    - Delinquent Child Support Payments
  • Four-season delivery by bicycle or mass transitóclean, quiet, and unthreatening
  • No firearms carried or needed

Greenwich has a Bicycle Master Plan and a Safe Routes to School program. Stamford needs these too, since 10% of Stamford households have no car.

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- South West Region Environmental Justice Assessment (pdf)
- Connecticut Transportation Strategy Board report
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