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Mary Farrell for Board of Representatives,
Stamford District 10, 2009

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BIOGRAPHY: A resident of Stamford since 1994, Mary has worked as an event planner and receptionist at a number of local businesses and has volunteered with Friends of the Ferguson Library, Literacy Volunteers of America, and the Historic Neighborhood Preservation Program. She does all her commuting by bicycle, bus, or foot.


David Bedell for Board of Representatives,
Stamford District 12, 2009

    David Bedell 

BIOGRAPHY: David teaches English to international students at UConn and is a Justice of the Peace. He has also worked in nonprofit management. He is secretary of the Fairfield County Green Party chapter and serves on the advisory board of Teachers Against Prejudice. He has lived in Stamford since 2001. In 2007 he replaced his car with a bicycle.

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Thaddeus (Ted) Hanser for Board of Representatives,
Stamford District 20, 2009

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BIOGRAPHY: Ted is an architect in private practice providing architecture, interior design, urban planning and construction management. In college he was a Midshipman, training for a commission in the US Navy. In adult life he has been active in numerous political campaigns, served as a county committeeman and Chairman of the Planning Board in Fort Lee, NJ. He has been active in causes seeking peace and justice, serves as co-chair of Peace Action of Greenwich/Stamford, and is a long-time member of, Common Cause, and the Sierra Club. In 2002, he was active with a group of voters forming a Green Party chapter in Woodstock/Saugerties, NY.

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  • Create jobs and grow a strong economy by supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs. Offering tax breaks to attract large outside corporations is short-sighted, as they can pull out and move on when they find a better tax break elsewhere.
  • Support the planting of community gardens in empty lots, city parks, and at schools.
  • Make Stamford a pedestrian- and bicycle-friendly city by improving sidewalks, adding bike lanes, and calming traffic. Complete the Mill River and Merritt Parkway biking/hiking trails.
  • Work with CTTRANSIT to improve visibility and convenience of bus stops and shelters, with posted routes and schedules at all stops. Develop connections, such as along Vine Road. Increase frequency of service, perhaps with jitney vans on some routes.
  • Restore Stamford-based Dial-a-Ride for seniors and disabled.
  • Remediate Scofieldtown Road landfill using comprehensive pump-and-treat technique; clean up other toxic sites throughout Stamford. Offer affected North Stamford residents the option of receiving city employee health plan coverage.
  • Process sewage using reed bed wetlands instead of incinerators.
  • Scofieldtown Road Park Superfund site
  • Land Value Tax blog
  • Merritt Parkway Trail Alliance
  • Stamford Land Conservation Trust
  • Stamford Green Team
  • Peace Action of Greenwich/Stamford