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Please help us to bring the grassroots back into politics and start a third party for the people and by the people.

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Who We Are
The Central CT Green Party is part of a growing political movement aimed at reinvigorating American democracy through active participation by ordinary citizens in the life of their community, their nation and the world. Our particular chapter of the Connecticut Green Party covers Middletown, Meriden and surrounding areas. The Connecticut Green Party, in turn, is part of a the U.S. Green Party with chapters in every state, in many cities and towns and on nearly 1,000 college campuses.

Like any political party, the Greens offer candidates for local, state and national offices. But unlike the two major parties, which today exist mainly as soulless money machines, the Greens welcome and work with everyday people on real issues. You can actually reach us, attend our meetings and speak your piece. In fact, our chapter meetings are far better attended and livelier than those of the Republicans and Democrats. And with the Greens you get honest opinions, not political double-talk.

We Greens believe that democracy, not money or the influence it buys, is the key to solving America’s problems. And what are those problems?

1. Corporate control of our political system. Despite our free society, we Americans have the fewest political choices of any modern country. The only voices heard and the only policies permitted are those allowed by the giant, multinational businesses who long ago bought two major parties. It’s their lobbyists and not our elected respresentatives who call the shots all the way from the state house to the White House. The Greens are fighting for a thorough clean-up of the corrupt electoral system that has given us the current presidential crisis and the worst Congress money can buy.

2. Our sick health care system. It ranks 37th in the world when it comes to keeping us alive and well at a reasonable cost. Because ours is the only modern country where health care is a big business rather than a public service like police or fire, we Americans pay the world’s highest prices for 37th rate service. The Green solution is a better, cheaper single payer plan that will cover all Americans and give doctors and providers full freedom to save and heal. Will it work, you ask? It already does, and has for decades, in the 36 countries around the world whose people are healthier and less burdened than us.

3. Saving the Environment. The earth is in big trouble. The news get worse each day. Our business-as-usual policies are hurting, not helping. Only a serious move towards energy efficiency and sustainable forms of agriculture and industry can improve things. Is it anti-child to teach cleanliness to your kids? Then why is is it considered anti-business to make big polluters clean up after themselves? Greens across the country and around the world are in the vanguard of the most important struggle in the world--to save us from the waste and greed that is poisoning us all.

Why Green?
Green is nature’s color. The Green parties began in Europe in the early 1970s as an environmental movement. It soon became apparent that pollution and other threats to our planet were interconnected with economics, politics and culture. The Greens believe that best way to deal with these problems is not to rely solely on experts. politicians or the marketplace, but on informed citizen involvement. Today, Green parties are active in 75 countries, with elected representives in national legislatures and governments. Here in the U.S., Greens have won dozens of local and state elections in recent years. We Greens are America’s third party. And we’re moving up.

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