Connecticut Green Party

January 12, 2005

Tim McKee GP National Committee (860) 643-2282 or cell (860) 324-1684
Mike DeRosa, State GP Co-Chair, (860) 956-8170 or (860) 919-4042
Tom Sevigny, GP National Committee, (860) 693-8344

Green Party to hold state wide planning session

The Green Party of Connecticut will present a very exciting planning session on Saturday January 22 , 2005 at the Hartford Green Party Headquarters at 418 A New Britain Avenue, in Hartford from 11 am till 2 pm. The session is free and open to all interested in the Green Party.

"The purpose of the planning session in hear the more than 2,000 registered Green voters ideas for future election and agendas for state and local governments" said Tim McKee a member of the National Green Committee and a spokesperson for the party said . Over 65,000 state voters have vote a Green Party candidate (Nader 2000) so we know we have strong interest across the state.

Our state and local agenda includes working for Single payer health care for the state, repealing the Patriot Act, "Bring the Troops Home Local Resolutions, state election reforms including leading for computer voting reforms and many other items, McKee said.

This planning session will build on our local candidates who increased overall election numbers in 2004 and there is strong interest in running candidates for all congressional race and for all state wide offices include Governor in 2006. This would be a first for the Greens, who have only ran candidates for Congress in the New Haven Area's 3rd District, and but not for state wide offices. There is strong interest in running a candidate against conservative Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman in 2006, McKee said.

With local elections in 2005 for many local and city election, the hope to expand our record number of candidates (17 in 2003) with even more candidates running to win in 2005. 3 persons are elected Greens in the state, with many others servicing in non elected boards and commissions. Across the nation, Greens have elected 224 local officials, by far the most elected third party members.

One work shop will be lead by former Congressional candidate Ralph Ferrucci and New Haven Board of Canvassers candidate Calvin Nicholson.

Further information, the public is invited to call 1-888-877-8607 or visiting the CT Green Party web site: