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May 18, 2005

The Green Party of Connecticut has joined with other environmental groups in deploring General Electric's latest attempt to paint itself as an environmentally friendly company through its "ecomagination" ad campaign.

As a leading proponent for the clean-up of the entire length of the Housatonic River, the Green Party of Connecticut is dismayed by the continued problem of PCB pollution along the river that was caused by GE. GE has effectively delayedefforts to clean up the Housatonic for decades and has spent millions of dollars more on public relations distorting the facts about PCBs in an effort to convince the public that no action is necessary.

GE also continues to undermine the federal Superfund program by challenging key provisions of the statute in federal court.

"GE's effort to greenwash itself will not clean up the Housatonic River," said Tom Sevigny of the Northwest Chapter of the state Green Party. "Their record of intransigence and failure to take responsibility for their environmental degradation along the river is what the real GE is all about when it comes to the environment."

"Ecomagination" is General Electric's new corporate marketing doublespeak which is just another attempt to redirect the public's focus from years of despicable PCB pollution that they have yet to adequately remediate," says Audrey Cole of the Northwest Chapter of the Green Party of CT. "We must hold General Electric accountable for the remediation and recovery of the Housatonic River and other important public resources that have long suffered from their irresponsibility and obstructive interference.

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