Green Party of Connecticut

December 28, 2005

Tim McKee, CT Green Party National Committee (860) 643-2282 or cell (860) 324-1684
Mike DeRosa, State Co-Chair (860)956-8170 or (860) 919-4042 (cell)
Cliff Thornton (860) 657 8438

CT Greens Vote To Sue Over New Campaign Finance Reform Laws; Discuss Possible Race For Governor; Cliff Thornton May Run For Green Nomination

Portland, CT- At its state meeting at the Portland Public Library, the state leaders of the Green Party of Connecticut voted last night to challenge the new Campaign Finance Reform law provision that sets discriminatory signature petition drive requirements ONLY for third party and other independent candidates to qualify for state public financing, and met with Cliff Thornton about a possible run for Governor.

Tim McKee, Green Party National Committee person said "We are now looking at suing over these unfair provisions of the new law, which punish Independents and the Green Party candidates with having to collect over 200,000 additional signatures or 20% of the state voting lists to qualify for public funding of campaigns for state offices. We voted to talk to lawyers and discuss our options, including working with campaign finance reform advocates to persuade the General Assembly to change this punitive and discriminatory signature provision in this upcoming short G. A. session before we have to go to court."

Also Greens met with Cliff Thornton, founder of the drug reform group "Efficacy", about a possible first and historic race for Governor. Thornton, who has spoken to New Haven and New London Greens about running for Governor and his views on reforming the destructive drug war, asked about gaining the Green nomination and running with the support of the CT Libertarian Party and other state "third parties" in a coalition.

When asked about why he might run for Governor, Thornton said he wanted to push many issues not talked about by the other candidates. One example, Thornton explained, was the huge state costs of the drug war. He said "We must change or end big government programs that don't work. Treatment reduces drug abuse better than imprisonment, and covers 6 recovering patients for the annual cost of 1 recidivist prisoner."

Mike DeRosa, CT. Greens Co-Chair said "If Cliff Thornton runs, it would be historic race. The first African- American running for Governor in Connecticut history, and The Greens first state-wide race, if he runs."

Green officials said the Governor nomination and other state office nominations would decided at a state convention later this year.