New Haven Register
by Angela Carter, Register Staff

New Haven — Paul Hammer handed Green Party aldermanic candidate Allan Brison a green cookie in the shape of Connecticut, marking the one upset for city Democrats Tuesday, Brison's decisive win over Alderman Edward Mattison, D-10. Brison took 386 votes, while 283 ballots were cast for Mattison, who has represented a portion of East Rock since 2001. That year, Mattison was victorious in a three-way race with Brison and a Republican.

"I'm overwhelmed," Brison said after the optical scan voting machine printed out results at the polling place at Wilbur Cross High School. "I thought I had a really good chance, but I never quite understood that I would win."

Theirs was a spirited contest featuring two debates and vocal discontent from voters in the Cedar Hill section, who feel their area is neglected by city departments.

Brison described his victory as a first for the Green Party, which won an open seat next door in East Rock's 9th Ward when John Halle won a special election in July 2001. "Essentially, I beat one of the most inside aldermen on the whole board. I think that's a really wonderful thing," Brison said.

"I am surprised," Mattison, visibly disappointed, said of the outcome. "But, he spent several months working at it and his work paid off." He gracefully shook Brison's hand and congratulated him. "Great job," Mattison said.

Newhallville Alderman Charles Blango, D-20, who stood at the polling place in support of Mattison also congratulated Brison. "I'll see you on the board," he said. Blango was one of 26 lawmakers who ran unopposed this year.

Aldermanic President Carl Goldfield, D-29, of Beaver Hills said Mattison served as a thoughtful and smart alderman. "He really cared about New Haven and the less fortunate in the city," Goldfield said.

In other contests, Frances T. "Bitsie" Clark, D-7, won over Green Party candidate Daniel Sumrall and independent Robert Kiley; while Ina Silverman, D-25, held on to her seat in Westville following a strong challenge from Republican Tom Malone.

The lone Republican on the board, Arlene DePino, fought off Democrat Lawrence Morico in the East Shore's 18th Ward.

Re-elected without opposition were: Jacqueline James, D-3; Andrea Jackson-Brooks, D-4; Jorge Perez, D-5; Dolores Colon, D-6; Michael Smart, D-8; Roland Lemar, D-9; Robert Lee, D-11; Gerald Antunes, D-12; Alexander Rhodeen, D-13; Erin Sturgis-Pascale, D-14; Migdalia Castro, D-16; Alphonse Paolillo Jr., D-17; Alfreda Edwards, D-19; Blango; Katrina Jones, D-21; Greg Morehead, D-22; Yusuf Shah, D-23; Elizabeth McCormack, D-24; Sergio Rodriguez, D-26; Thomas Lehtonen, D-27; Mordechai Sandman, D-28; Goldfield; and Michelle Edmonds-Sepulveda, D-30.

New to the board are Rachel B. Plattus, D-1, Gina Calder, D-2, and Joseph Rodriguez, D-15. "I'm excited. I can't wait to serve," Rodriguez said.