Who We Are:

Newington, Connecticut -  Room At The Table is an anti-establishment, anti-fascist, anti-imperialist worker-lead campaign founded on universal themes of social justice, human rights, peace and the dignity of all persons to live and thrive in Connecticut. We recognize that the future of Connecticut is multilingual, multi-ethnic and intergenerational. It is through our differences that we build a beloved community where everyone is welcomed for who they are/wish to be. We align with social movements, associations, community groups and political parties that are centered in preserving the public good and combating white supremacy, willful ignorance, and structural inequities in all its forms and manifestations. We are pro-union, anti-racist, pro-choice/pro-bodily autonomy, anti-death penalty, pro-equitable rights for LGBTQIA & Two Spirit  et al individuals and families, including the right to carry and foster/adopt children. We support universal health care and universal education for all; legalization, decriminalization and regulation of all cannabis products, including homegrown marijuana and industrial hemp; conservation of open space in perpetuity; and promotion and support of sanctuary communities for asylum seekers and refugees.

 Our other stances/positions include but are not limited to:

  • Investment in local and regional mass transit by rail
  • Investment in public banking
  • Ending cash bail 
  • Mail-in ballots and ranked choice voting
  • Ending education funding through property taxes 
  • Creation/preservation of more preserves, reserves and wildlife habitats
  • Electric train car manufacturing in state
  • Converting blighted properties and abandoned lots into low-income housing and state parks
  • Eradicating dependence on gas-powered cars and vans in state fleet
  • Promotion of regenerative agriculture/carbon sequestration
  • Investment in community-based restorative justices initiatives
  • Diverting resources to underfunded school, initiatives and programming for children, youth and young adults.

What We Represent

Combined, our candidates for Connecticut Governor and Lieutenant Governor represent over forty years of community-centered efforts to address racism, classism, sexism, ablelism, childism, maternal health, mental wellness, environmental injustices and religious intolerance. Our commitment is local and our roots in Connecticut run deep.

How To Vote for Us:

As of September 1,2022, our candidacy has not earned sufficient votes to  appear on the ballot this coming November. We are seeking write-in status at this time, so that Connecticut voters can add MLB/CAM - our combined initials - in the Governor/Lieutenant Governor slot on the ballot form.

How To Contact Us:

Please feel free to reach out directly to us to let us know how we can better serve you in the months to come. We welcome all speaking engagements open to the public.

Michelle Louise Bicking, LCSW MPA CD (DONA)
Green Party Candidate for Governor
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Cassandra Martineau
Green Party Candidate for Lieutenant Governor
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