November 4, 2008

Tim McKee, CT Green Party spokesperson and National Committee member, cell (860)778-1304 (best) or (860)643-2282, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mike DeRosa, State Co-Chair, (860)956-8170 or (860)919-4042 (cell)

Ballot Space for Write-In Votes Too Small

HARTFORD, CT—Connecticut Green Party representatives announced that they would file a complaint with the state election officials because the space for the write-in votes for their candidates and other third parties was too small, and they questioned whether their votes would be counted.

Tim McKee, a spokesperson for the Green Party, said, "At less than one inch, and using large black markers, it is next to impossible to write in any candidate for any office. Green Party, Libertarian Party and Constitution Party candidates are once again being marginalized by the poor design of the ballot, and that may cost us thousands of votes and future ballot lines. Other states allow adequate space to write in candidates for ALL offices, but the Connecticut design makes it very, very hard."

McKee added, "This is not just about the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney or Libertarian Bob Barr at the Presidential level, but lower races where we are trying to get ballot lines for local offices as well. Write-in candidates have won local races and getting even 1% means a party does not have to petition for what is often thousands of signatures for each ballot line again."

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