November 12, 2008

Tim McKee, CT Green Party spokesperson and National Committee member, cell (860)778-1304 (best) or (860)643-2282, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mike DeRosa, State Co-Chair, (860)956-8170 or (860)919-4042 (cell)
Scott Deshefy, Candidate for 2nd District Congress, (860)642-7066

Voters Told Write-Ins Don't Count - Numbers Not Reported in Some Towns

HARTFORD, CT — Green Party of Connecticut officials will file a complaint with local and state election boards that votes for registered write-in candidates were not counted in all towns across the state as required by state law, it was announced today.

Green Party officials said they would file a complaint after finding their own town vote totals showed no write-in votes for the Green Party candidate for President, Cynthia McKinney, and after receiving numerous reports from voters in other towns. Some town polling places had no list of registered write-in candidates, some were reluctant to show the list, and some voters were told their write-in votes for President would not count.

Tim McKee, a Green Party spokesperson said, "We gave the election officials one week to show us the numbers, but my town of Manchester shows I did not write in McKinney for President, and State Co-Chair Mike DeRosa did not write in McKinney in Wethersfield according to the Secretary of the State’s web site."

McKee added, "Voters cast about 25,000 votes for our five Green CT Congressional candidates, but only 58 write-in votes for President? In 2004, we had 9,524 for David Cobb for President, so the numbers do not add up."

McKee pointed to New Haven and Windham as examples where no votes were counted for the Green Party candidate for President, even though Greens hold elected office as Alderman and First Selectperson, and Green Congressional candidates had good support this year.

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