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May 7, 2010 - for immediate release

Tim McKee
Spokesperson and National Committee member, cell (860) 860-778-1304
Scott Deshefy
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CT Greens Welcome First Green Uk Member Of Parliament
"Hung" Election May Swing On Her Vote

Hartford, Ct - Green Party Of Connecitut Official Celebrated The First United Kindom Member Of Parialment Elected As A "Green" And Point To The Entire Election May Swing On Her Joining A Coaltion To Form The Next Government In England.

Tim McKee, a spokesperson for Green Party said "The UK has its first Green Party MP after Caroline Lucas won the seat of Brighton Pavilion. Ms. Lucas is the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales and voters have made history by electing her to Parliament. With the election "hung" and no party having a clear majority, Labour leader Gordon Brown will look to the smaller parties like the Green Party to form a coalition to retain the government and his Prime Minister role."

McKee pointed out that although Ms Lucas is their only MP, the Scottish branch of the party has two MSPs in the Parliament at Holyrood, and there are two Green members of the 25-strong London Assembly.

Ms Lucas has told the BBC that the prospect of a hung parliament as "interesting", saying it may increase the chances of securing "a fairer electoral system, so that people's voices are properly heard". It would also be important in "giving the Greens that bit more influence" and that "I think these are pretty exciting days ahead."



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