(Hartford, May 17, 2010) Debate rages over the qualifications of the Democrats' leading contender to succeed Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, but nobody is questioning the credentials of the only "lunch lady" in the race, Attorney Stephen Fournier of Hartford, the Green Party candidate. Fournier, admitted to the bar in 1978, closed his real estate law practice last year and now works behind a counter, serving lunch to students in the Portland Public Schools.

"I didn't want to deal with another crooked banker. Ever," Fournier told an audience of lawyers at a candidate forum sponsored by The Anti-Trust and Consumer Law Sections of the Connecticut Bar Association. "Who wouldn't prefer making lunch for kids over talking to a loan broker on the phone?"

Fournier is harshly critical of current business practices and says he's determined to "restrain rogue government." He predicts that the oil gusher flowing into the Gulf of Mexico will be "the biggest liability event ever" and will soon be the subject of state-initiated litigation, with federal authorities in the legal crosshairs, along with the oil industry.

Fournier says, happy as he is in food service, he'd be willing to give it all up and return to the practice of law if elected.

Fournier 2010 - Ruth Fournier, Treasurer