Green Party of Connecticut

Executive Committee meeting minutes

September 18, 2017 • Conference call


In attendance: Mike DeRosa, Emily Garfinkel, Chris Reilly, Baird Welch-Collins, Ronna Stuller (recorder)

Start time 7:02pm.

  1. Mike confirmed that the Waverly Center is available and has been booked for the next 3 SCC meetings: September 28, October 25, and November 30.
  1. Proposed agenda for the September 28 SCC meeting was discussed and is attached below.
  1. We discussed topics and issues to be sure to include on the agenda for our November (post-election) meeting:

        (1) Municipal election results

        (2) Discussion and evaluation of tactics and strategies, including cross-endorsement

        (3) Citizens Election Program

        (4) Planning for November 2018 elections

        (5) Possibility of planning a retreat

  1. Ronna offered the option of holding the October 25 meeting at the New London campaign office and focusing on outreach and this year’s municipal candidates – will be on the agenda for a vote at the September 28 meeting.

End time 7:45pm.

Accepted for the record on September 28, 2017.

State Central Committee Meeting, September 28, 7:00pm

Draft Proposed Agenda

  1. Minutes (5 min)

a. Approve minutes of July 26 and August 30 SCC meetings

b. Accept for the record minutes of September 18 Executive Committee meeting

  1. Treasurer’s report (5 min)
  2. GPCT chapter reports and sharing of campaign strategies (25 min)

a. Reports from Fairfield County, Hartford County, Shoreline, New London, Waterford

b. Updates on chapter organizing: Upper Middlesex County, New Milford, Northeast Connecticut, New Haven

  1. Old business

a. Committee updates (20 min)

            (1) Communications/Social Media Committee

            (2) Conflict Resolution Committee

            (3) Fundraising Committee

            (4) Creation of Bylaws Committee - discussion

b. 2017 municipal campaign support (10 min)

  1. New business

a. SCC meetings (10 min)

                (1) Sharing of ideas to improve meeting format

                (2) Proposal for October outreach meeting

  1. Green Party US (10 min)

a. GPUS updates

  1. Updates (20 min)


a. DACA and Dreamers (Chris)

b. People’s National Convergence Conference (Linda)

c. Other issues and potential allies

d. Upcoming events and actions of interest

  1. Confirm next meeting time and place (5 min)


* Don’t forget our traveling lending library! If you’ve borrowed a book, please bring it to the meeting so that others will be able to read it. And, if you have any books you’d like to donate, please bring them to Eugene at the SCC meeting. Thank you!