Minutes of the GPCT April 30, 2017, annual meeting.

Started at 12:00 noon and adjourned ca. 5:00 PM.  Location: Portland Waverly Center, 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT

Attendees listed on sign-in sheet:

GPCT chapter attendees: Fairfield County: David Bedell (GPCT secretary), Peter Davenport, Rolf Maurer, Cora Santaguida. Greater Hartford: Barbara Barry (GPCT co-chair), S. Michael DeRosa (GPCT co-chair), Chris Reilly (GPCT treasurer). Paul Gobell, Dave Ionno, Lynn Onderko. New London: Mirna Martinez, Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller. Shoreline: Hugh Birdsall, Lynne Charles, Owen Charles, Jane Nadel, Lionel Williams, David Younng; Waterford: Nikki Byrne, Billy G. Collins, Emily Garfinkel. Lauren Gauthier, Joshua Steele Kelly, Baird Welch-Collins. At large: Don Alexander, Rebecca Alexander, Allan Brison, Rene Gagnon, Larry Kern, Cassandra Martineau, Tim McKee, Ron Suresha, Eugene Woloszyn.

Linda Thompson and Jeffery Russell confirmed that they were in attendance, and there were more individuals who attended but did not sign in.

The following Candidates ran for Party Office (all positions for one-year terms):

Co-Chair (3 seats):  Don Alexander, Barbara Barry, Nikki Byrne, Mike DeRosa, Emily Garfinkel, Rolf Maurer, Jeff Russell, Baird Welch-Collins.

Secretary:  David Bedell, Ronna Stuller

CT Rep to the GP/US (3 seats):  Mike DeRosa, Brian Gay, Joshua Steele Kelly, Tim McKee, Cora Santaguida, Baird Welch-Collins

Treasurer:  Chris Reilly

The proposed Annual Meeting schedule was followed:
11:00 – Doors opened for set-up and social hour.
12:00 –Candidates gave statements and answered questions.
1:15 – Ballots were collected. There was a break for potluck food and beverage, and Chris was on hand to accept donations.
1:30 – Updates on the GPCT legislative agenda were presented.
2:00 – GPCT candidates for 2016 offices spoke about their experiences.
2:15 – Workshop Session 1
            Public banking (Ed Heflin)
            Outreach (Baird Welch-Collins)
            Immigration issues (Phil Berns, CT Dreamers)
3:10 – Workshop Session 2
            Education issues (Mirna Martinez)
            Social media strategies (Cora Santaguida)
            Regulation of recreational and police drones (Baird Welch-Collins)
4:30 – Internal election results were reported

            Next SCC meeting date will be determined after polling members on availability.

Election Results for May 2017–April 2018 term of office:

Co-Chairs:  Baird Welch-Collins, Emily Garfinkel and Mike DeRosa were elected Co-Chairs.

Secretary:  Ronna Stuller was elected Secretary.

GP/US: Mike DeRosa, Joshua Steele Kelly and Baird Welch-Collins were elected as representatives from Connecticut to the national Green Party.

Treasurer:  Chris Reilly was elected Treasurer.

Approved on June 28, 2017.