Approved Minutes of the GPCT Jan 11, 2017, SCC meeting.  Quorum not met.

Started at 6:30 PM and adjourned ca. 9:00 PM. Location: Portland Waverly Center, 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT

GPCT chapter attendees: Fairfield County: David Bedell (GPCT secretary). Greater Hartford: S. Michael DeRosa (GPCT co-chair), Barbara Barry (GPCT co-chair), Chris Reilly (GPCT treasurer). At large: Amy Vas Nunes, Susan Ye, Rick Schultz. Facilitator: Barbara Barry

1. GPCT chapter reports:
• Greater Hartford: Next chapter meeting will be after the holidays.
• Fairfield: Rolf Maurer and Cora Santaguida were interviewed 12-12-16 on Channel 23 public access TV “Progressive Soup” in Danbury to discuss the election recount and other issues. Now available on Youtube.

2. Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly: GPCT balance: $347.22; FEC balance: $1,168.12. We will need about $1,000 to pay for our annual mailing in advance of our annual meeting.

3. Reports from CT representatives to the GPUS National Committee: Mike DeRosa reported the appointment of a new assistant treasurer to the GPUS.

4. Mike DeRosa and Amy Vas Nunes plan to meet with State Rep. Susan Johnson in Hartford to discuss our legislative agenda, including:
• Public banking
• Instant Runoff Voting/Ranked Choice Voting
• Ballot access reform
• Marijuana legalization
• Renewable energy policy
• Student rights regarding mental health reporting
• Demilitarization of police departments
• Immigrant rights
• Single-payer health care

5. Fundraiser planned for 2-12-17 in Portland (snow date 2-19-17) to pay for annual mailing to members. Jill Stein’s scheduler Rick Lass has confirmed she is available to speak. Ronnie Neuhauser has volunteered his band Fe Fi Fo to provide music. Rick Schultz offered to transport Jill from MA. Amy Vas Nunes and Susan Ye plan to sell food; we will solicit other food donations.

6. Eugene Woloszyn, Brian Merlen, and Gray Taylor have volunteered publicity skills; they should be invited to join the GPCT Media Committee.

7. GPUS Standing Committees: Mike DeRosa reported the Ballot Access Committee has new co-chairs.

8. Events of possible interest:
• Forum with Jon Pelto: "Building a United Movement to Defend Public Education" Jan 12 at Elmwood Community Center, West Hartford
• Inauguration protests Jan 20 in New Haven, Windham; The Unaugural Ball, Jan 20 at Real Art Ways, Hartford.
• Women’s March on Hartford Jan 21 at Capitol
• CTNOFA conference March 11-12 at WCSU, Danbury

Next meeting to be Tuesday, Feb. 7.