Accepted Minutes of EC telephonic meeting of Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 6:30PM.

GPCT EC: co-chairpersons: Rolf Maurer and S. Michael DeRosa. Linda Thompson was absent. Christopher Reilly, GPCT treasurer. Barbara Barry, secretary and facilitator.

Discussed  what more is needed to be done to finalize the agenda for the  April 30, 2016 GPCT Annual Meeting.  Ballot counting: Christopher Reilly and Brian Gay with use of computer software used for years.  Cora Santaguida offered to be timekeeper. We accept. BAB to finalize speakers and the actual agenda.

Working agenda:

11AM to NOON: social time to mingle and set up table/chairs, literature, and merchandize.

NOON:  Facilitator: either Linda or Mike: Statements from the candidates for the GPCT Executive Committee positions (three (3) for co-chairperson, a treasurer and a secretary) and three (3) people to represent the GPCT to the GPUS (Green Party of the USA). A question and answer period.

1PM:  Lunch break: Potluck food and beverage; networking, ability to purchase merchandise for fundraising and acceptance of donations by the GPCT treasurer: Christopher Reilly.

1PM:  DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION OF BALLOTS to elect the five (5) GPCT executive committee members and the three (3) GPCT members to the GPUS. Ballots to be opened and counted by the GPCT Internal Elections Committee.

1:30PM:  facilitator: Barbara.  Discussion and selection of person to be GPUS 2016 presidential candidate by a secret, straight up or down vote of GPCT attendees. Current GPCT candidates: Jill Stein, William “Bill” Kreml and a 16 ½ year old from FL: Elijah D. Manley. Attendee suggestions about how GPCT delegate should vote at GPUS Nominating Convention in Houston, TX,  August 4-7, 2016.

1:45PM:   Update about GPCT  2015-2016 legislative proposals by Barbara Barry, Rolf Maurer, S. Michael DeRosa (and Ed Heflin?)

2:10PM:  Attendees suggest which legislative proposals to continue and which to add.

2:15PM:    Workshop Session A. Breakout options are:

  • How to petition: S. Michael DeRosa, Wethersfield (& Cora Santaguida, Stamford?)
  • Connecticut Public Banking with Ed Heflin.
  • Gun Management vs. 2nd Amendment Rights: Lauren Shaw, Waterford.

3PM:     Workshop Session B. Breakout options are:

  • How to become a Justice of the Peace: Ronna Stuller and/or David Bedell.
  • Strategies To Get Clean Water with David Michel?
  • Need another workshop: considering: youth outreach strategies: Baird Welch-Collins; demilitarization of police by RM.

3:45PM: facilitator: Rolf Maurer: GPCT Future Focus for the next year. Group discussion.

4:15PM: Announcement of Internal Elections results by Christopher Reilly. Set date of next SCC (State Central Committee) meeting.

NOTE: GPCT representatives to the GPUS committees will be elected at the first SCC meeting after this annual meeting. Information about the GPUS standing National Committee: