Accepted Minutes of the telephonic Emergency EC meeting on Monday, March 30, 2015 at 6:30pm.   GPCT EC attendees: co-chairpersons: S. Michael DeRosa, Rolf Maurer and Linda Thompson; treasurer: Christopher Reilly and secretary/facilitator: Barbara Barry.

The following issues were discussed and all were passed by consensus. 

This secretary sent (at 3-31-15 at 1:27am) the EC decisions to the GPCT Internal Election Committee (which is developing the 4-25-15 ballot, agenda and updating the GPCT member mailing list). Internal Election Committee includes: Ronna Stuller, Douglas Lary, David Bedell, Christopher Reilly, Barbara Barry, Joshua Steele Kelly and Baird Welch-Collins.

The EC met tonight, 3-30-15, to address updates to the 4-25-15 GPCT Annual Meeting.

All of the following was passed by consensus regarding the 4-25-15 ballot eligibility and the agenda.

a) Reaffirms that the ONLY 2 ways a GPCT member can vote is by mail or by personally presenting a ballot at the  4-25-15 annual indicated on the draft ballot of 3-24-15 at 10am.    Below is what is indicated in that ballot.


You are encouraged to bring this ballot with you and vote in person at the Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 25, 2015. If you cannot attend the Annual Meeting, you may fill out this ballot and mail to:

Green Party of Connecticut, PO Box 231214, Hartford, CT  06123-1214

 You must write your name and address on the outside of the envelope to verify eligibility. Your ballot will be separated from the envelope and remain completely anonymous. Please note: Mailed ballots must be received by Friday, April 24th in order to be counted!

Under our Bylaws, you are eligible to vote if you are registered to vote as a Green with your local Registrar of Voters for at least 10 business days prior to casting your ballot.  If you have registered Green within the last 3 months, it is recommended that you provide documentation from your Registrar with your ballot, as your name might not yet be listed in our database.

As in previous years, we are using the form of proportional representation called the single transferable vote (STV), a system which represents both majority and minority points of view in proportion to the votes received.

Additionally, on the reverse side is a list of Green Party of the United States committees. Election of GPCT members to GPUS committees will be conducted at the first State Central Committee (SCC) meeting following the Annual Meeting.  Three (3) GPCT members can serve on each national committee.

For candidate statements and biographical information, please visit the Green Party of Connecticut website at

Voting instructions (for April 25, 2015 GPCT Annual Meeting):

For any position with a choice of more than one candidate, rank the candidates in the order of your preference from the most favorite to least favorite by circling the number 1 next to your 1st choice, circling the number 2 next to your 2nd choice, etc.  To vote for the write-in candidate, write the name of the candidate and circle the ranking you wish to give your write-in.  You may rank "None of the above" if you would prefer leaving a seat unfilled to filling the seat with any of the candidates you did not rank.

b) All registered GPCT members are eligible to vote at the 4-25-15 annual per our GPCT Bylaws.

 A reported record of not voting in the 2014 or the 2012 or any other CT elections DOES NOT remove a GPCT member's eligibility to vote in a GPCT internal election.

c) Changes to the agenda workshops are as follows:

Session A workshops at 2PM:

 Public Banking in Connecticut-Ed Heflin (no change)

 Conflict Resolution-Linda Thompson (facilitator is named)

 Mental Health/Public Health Reform-Rolf and Sheila Matthews (no change)

 Education Forum-Mirna Martinez (Pelto is not reachable to do Common Core so

workshop is changed to Education Forum. and a facilitator is named)

(Remove Renewable Energy due to lack of facilitator and need for more even

division of workshops.)

Session B workshops at 2:45pm:

 Farm to Table Food System-Paul Gobell and Barbara Barry (no change)

 Cannabis Policy Reform/Hemp Economy-HempCT organization spokesperson(change of facilitator)

 Ballot Access and Voting Issues-S. Michael DeRosa and Douglas Lary (nochange)

(Remove ending Racism and Militarization of Police...due to lack of facilitator.)

If anyone has any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me.



Barbara Barry, GPCT secretary and member of the Internal Elections Committee

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.