Minutes of the GPCT 6-2-14 SCC meeting.      Quorum met.                                                       Location: Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Ave., Portland, CT 06480.  GPCT attendees by chapter:  Fairfield:  Rolf Maurer, CPCT co-chairperson, David Bedell, Cora Santaguida, Fausto Molina.   Greater Hartford: Jeff Russell, S. Michael DeRosa, GPCT co-chairperson, Christopher Reilly, GPCT treasurer,  Barbara A. Barry, GPCT secretary;  Waterford:  Carin Estey, chapter secretary, Joshua Steele Kelly, chapter chairperson, Baird Welch-Collins, chapter liaison with GPCT.  Also: Allan P. Brison, Hamden;  Tim McKee, Bethany.   Facilitator: Barbara Barry. 

1.  Consensus:  approved the minutes of the: a) 3-26-14 SCC meeting and the May 3rd 2014 GPCT Annual Meeting; and b) Consensus: accepted the minutes of the: 5-12-14  EC meeting.

2.  Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly:  balance as of 4-30-14: $115.20.

3.  Secretary’s report from Barbara Barry: see below.

4.  Reports from our three (3) representatives to the GPUS:  Tim McKee and S. Michael DeRosa. TMcK: increased activity on GPUS Platform Website in preparation for the GPUS July 24 to 27, 2014 Annual Meeting.  GPUS has taken up opposition to the expansion of the Algonquin Pipeline and supports the actions of the coalition of GPCT state chapters of: PA, NJ, NY, CT, MA and RI. Also see  #8  below.   Consensus: Selection of Baird Welch-Collins of Waterford Chapter as GPCT’s third representative to the GPUS.  Reason: GPUS has been allotted GPCT 3 reps.  At the 5-3-14 GPCT Annual Meeting,  the following people were nominated in the ballots: David Bedell, Jean deSmet and Linda Thompson: declined.  BW-C accepted the nomination. “Jose Cartaro” is not a registered GPCT  voter or member.                                                                                                                                     

5.  Deferred due to lack of submission, proposals/resolutions from chapters or from five CTGP Members or from the EC.  

 6.  Discussion about the Saturday, May 3, 2014 GPCT Annual Meeting.                                                 a) Official GPCT Internal Election results: three co-chairpersons: Linda Thompson, Rolf Maurer,  S. Michael DeRosa; Christopher Reilly as treasurer; Barbara Barry as secretary.                                                                                                 b) Consensus of the 6-2-14 GPCT attendees for the GPUS national committees were:  Accreditation: no one; Annual National Meeting: Tim McKee;  Ballot Access: S. Michael DeRosa and Don Alexander; Black Caucus: no one;   Bylaws, Rules, Policies Procedures: Joshua Steele Kelly;  Coordination Campaign: no one; Dispute Resolution: no one;  Diversity: Don Alexander;  EcoAction: Jeff Russell;  Finance:  no one ; Fundraising:  no one; GPUS internet news: no one; International Committee: Amy Vas Nunes,  Justine McCabe and S. Michael DeRosa;   Latino Caucus: Hector Lopez;  Merchandizing Committee: Rolf Maurer; Media Committee: no one;  Outreach: Don Alexander;  Peace:  Joshua Steele Kelly, Don Alexander and S. Michael DeRosa;   Platform: Amy Vas Nunez, Justine McCabe and Don Alexander.  Presidential Campaign Support Committee: Tim McKee. Women’s’ Caucus: no one.                                                                                                                                                                            c) Jonathan Pelto who spoke at the 5-3-14 GPCT Annual Meeting regarding: opposition to Common Core Curriculum,  has now formed the Education and Democracy Party and is petitioning to get on the 11-4-14 ballot of this political party for CT governor.                                                                                                                          d) Consensus: the GPCT Nomination Convention (for 11-4-14 elections) should be Monday, June 30, 2014 and should focus on the candidates. The SCC meeting will immediately follow but SCC agenda items will focus on urgent items, as time allows.  Possible candidates for 11-4-14:   JR for 1st Congressional District.   BW-C will discuss with the Waterford Chapter getting a possible candidate for 2nd Congressional District.

7. Consensus: Tim McKee was selected to be  the GPCT representative to the alliance with NJ, NY, RI and MA regarding the Algonquin Pipeline is called GASP (Green Alliance to Stop the Pipelines).  The group has contacted  the Canadian Greens, in effortsto clarify if there are any shared interests or similar issues.There is a planned GASP protest at the May 29th Democratic  (NE) Governors Association meeting in Greenwich, CT  at the Hyatt Regency. Here's a link to the Spectra Energy description of the project:  http://www.spectraenergy.com/Operations/New-Projects-and-Our-Process/New-Projects-in-US/Algonquin-Incremental-Market-AIM-Project/

8.Updates from our (3) CTGP members to each of the following (GPUS) National Committees. Accreditation (AC): reviews state chapter which petitions to join the GPUS; reviews criteria for state delegates to GPUS annual meetings and conventions.                                                                                Annual National Meeting (ANMC):  working on the 2014 GPUS Annual Meeting: see above.           Ballot Assess (BA): discussion of efforts/difficulties/strategies/successes of the state Green Parties gaining ballot access:   SMD:  multiple states trying to get or maintain ballot access.                               Black Caucus.                                                                                                                                                  Bylaws, Rules, Polices Procedure (BRPP): for the GPUS officers and national committees.   Coordination Campaign (CCC): distribution of GPUS money to Green Party public office candidates. Dispute Resolution (DRC):  mediation of any disputes within the GPUS organization.                        Diversity (DC):  strategies and actions to urge/maximize diversity within the GPUS.                           Eco Action (EA): develop strategies for the GPUS regarding ecological matters. Finance (FinCom): review  and determine how to spend the money of the  GPUS organization.  Fundraising (FC): raises money for the GPUS operations.                                                                    Green Party of the US internet news: acquire and write articles for the GPUS website.      International Committee (IC): develops/promotes GPUS positions re: world  issues.                              Latino Caucus:                                                                                                                                            Merchandizing Committee (MERCH): determines and acquires items for the GPUS.                     Media Committee (MC): writes GPUS press releases.                                                                    Outreach (OC): interacts with other groups who may have similar interests of the GPUS.           Peace (GPAX): discusses/develops strategies for the GPUS to promote peace throughout the world. Platform (PC): promotes positions on GPUS issues which are consistent with GPUS  10 Key Values. Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC):  develop strategies to support any GPUS presidential candidates.                                                                                                           Women’s Caucus.

9.  Information is still coming in to update of GPCT Mailing List: GPCT has the March 4th 2014 Secretary of the State Voter Registration List. It has been requested that chapter provide their own updated member information including emails to the GPCT list via the secretary.  

10. GPCT fundraising with possible speakers:  Harvey Wasserman, anti-nuclear activist since at least Three Mile Island event…for two fundraising events: Waterford, CT chapter is seeking a site for one event and Fairfield chapter is seeking a site that would also be fairly accessible to New York Green Party members and others;  Mr. Wasserman has agreed to come pending logistics.  Both the Waterford (Community Center) and Stamford (Library) potential sites require flat fees with the addition of hourly fees.                    

11. Reviewed  GPCT sponsored events:    a) Stamford Chapter: Moving Beyond Reaction to Reason, Mental Health and School Safety After Sandy Hook; Saturday, 3-29-14 from 1:30PM to 3:30PM at The Ferguson Library-Harry Bennett Branch, 115 Vine Road, Stamford, CT, 06905,  203/351-8292.Presented by: AbleChild.org: Parents for Label & Drug Free Education.  Sheila Matthews,a CT parent, is a co-founder of this nationally recognized non-profit organization. She regularly testifies at state and federal levels in defense of youth mental health freedom and also has been featured in TIME (9-10-11) and has appeared on CNN, Fox, as well as numerous radio stations throughout the country.       b) The Justice Party of CT and the GPCT are co-sponsoring: One Nation-Under Surveillance: Building Networks of Solidarity in Defiance of NSA Spying & the Erosion of Democratic Rights.   Saturday, March 29, 2014 from 10AM.  At CCSU (Central CT State University), Torp Theater, Davidson Hall, 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT. Keynote Speaker: Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist: Christ  Hedges.  Numerous Workshops.  For more information: Justice Party Connecticut (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )         c) Adam Hughes and Joanne Sheehan of Hands Off Appalachia (http://handsoffappalachia.com/). This organization has demonstrated against UBS’ financing of mountaintop removal in the affected states (including Stamford, CT) over Thanksgiving and are supported by Dan Fischer and Capitalism vs. the Climate.  d) the May 11th 2014  American-Iranian Friendship (AIF) Committee speakers: Ardeshir and Eleanor Ommani, co-founders (along with Richard Duffee) spoke at the Ferguerson Library of Stamford Library regarding “Political Perceptions and Human Realities in US-Iranian Relations”. They shared their thoughts and concerns about Iran and the state of US regional policies in the hyperbole-free venue with peace/social activist. https://www.facebook.com/AIFCIran; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTCU-EpJSqM&list=UUtIQil-e9wzT_fxySy1y3nw&index=31)  

12. a) Reaffirmed items for the future focus for the GPCT as determined at the 5-3-14 GPCT Annual Meeting.  b) No one volunteered to be GPCT to be liaisons with other organizations and CT officials regarding these areas of focus.  c) JSK: a former Millstone nuclear technician did literature about nuclear power plant operations and safety concerns.  And d) regarding accuracy in vote counting from DB: update regarding sworn complaints from CT voters and the GPCT to CT SEEC (State Elections Enforcement Commission) regarding lack of counting of write-in votes in the randomly selected CT towns of: Hartford, Bridgeport, New Canaan, Seymour, Stamford and West Haven: SEEC gave warnings to these towns but no fines.                                                                                                     

13. The November 4th 2014  election for the offices of:  a) we have possible GPCT candidates for offices in which we have ballot line: secretary of the state, attorney general, comptroller;  1st and 2nd Congressional Districts and CT State Senate: District 1, 27, 33 and 36.  Also need candidates for state representatives: in Meriden, New Britain, Stamford, New Haven. b) We have no ballot lines for: governor,  lieutenant governor or treasurer

14.  No updates from the GPCT Bylaws Committee from members:  Rolf Maurer, Cora Santaguida, Christopher Reilly, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa and Jeffry Larson.   JSK joined this Committee at this meeting.

15. No update about mesh for our website. 

16.   a) GPCT chapter development:  a) AB: last Greater New Haven chapter meeting was 1-9-14 after 18 months of inactivity.  He anticipates a meeting in about one month. Patricia Kane, Esq. is now co-chairperson for the Democracy Fund (a CT authorized pilot program about municipal campaign financing in New Haven.  Former Democracy Fund chairperson, Ken Krayeske, Esq., was removed.  Jerry Martin is still involved. b) other chapter reports: Fairfield: DB: seeking candidates, have sponsored GPCT events. Greater Hartford: SMD: seeking GPCT candidates. Greater Norwich: BAB: having meetings about every month which includes speakers from Norwich governmental departments or Norwich organizations.  New London: no representative. Waterford: BW-C: last meeting was 5-25-14, next is 6-14-14. Organizing events and possible GPCT candidates.  Minutes were provided. c) written approved minutes to the CTGP secretary. 

17.  Consensus:  next SCC meeting: see #6 d) above.  

 18.   No suggestions.    

GREEN PARTY TEN KEY VALUES: non-violence, respect for diversity, grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, decentralization, community-based economics and economic justice, future focus and sustainability, personal and global responsibility, feminism and gender equality.