Minutes from the Monday, July 22, 2013 7PM EC meeting via teleconference.  GPCT attendees: Co-chairpersons:

Linda Thompson , Allan Brison and S. Michael DeRosa; treasurer: Christopher Reilly and Barbara Barry, GPCT secretary.


Discussed and agreed to add to the below baseline agenda for the 7.30.13 SCC meeting:

  • From LT:  G. Scott Desefy will do an Op-Ed article in the Norwich Bulletin regarding  Affordable Healthcare Act.
  • Consensus: further items for GSD to consider for possible Op-Ed articles: N.S.A., drones, Trayvon Martin.
  • Consider Wesleyan University in addition to Portland Senior Center, as the possible site for Jill Stein’s 9.8.13 fundraiser for GPCT.
  • There will be an August march to celebrate the 66th anniversary of the NAACP.
  • Possible GPCT candidates: Amy Vas Nunez for Willimantic Board of Education.
  • From LT: there will be an October 25th through the 27th, 2013 Pioneer’s Conference (regarding environmental issues) in New Bedford, MA.



Proposed agenda for the Tuesday, July 30, 2013 SCC meeting at 7PM at the Portland Senior Center:  


1.  Review and: a) approve 6.25.13 SCC meeting minutes and b) accept the EC minutes of: 7.22.13 meeting.

2.  Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly.

3.  Agenda items from Linda, co-chairperson:  a) Update on Mailing List Information; b) Discussion of Norwich Bulletin Opportunity  and chapter development and c) possible Retreat Report. 

4. Reports from our three (3) representatives to the GPUS:  Linda Thompson, Tim McKee,  and S. Michael DeRosa.

5.  Secretary’s report from Barbara Barry.

6.  Any proposals/ resolutions from chapters or a group of five  CTGP Members or from the EC.  

7.  Updates about actions taken by the CT legislature, our governor  or the federal government and our actions. 

8. a) Update regarding the GPUS Annual Meeting to be held July 25 through July 28, 2013 in Iowa City, Iowa and b) the selection of GPCT delegates to this GPUS Annual Meeting. 

9.  Update regarding the anticipated 2013 Jill Stein fundraiser/speech to the GP of CT at Portland Senior Center.  

10.  Status of the GPCT Bylaws Committee from members:  Rolf Maurer, Cora Santaquida, Christopher Reilly, Linda Thompson, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa and Jeffry Larson. 

11. Green Party of CT candidates for the November 5th, 2013 elections.

12. Reports from CTGP members to the (GPUS) National Committees.

Accreditation (AC): reviews any state chapter which petitions to join the GPUS; reviews criteria for state delegates to GPUS annual meetings and conventions. 

Annual National Meeting (ANMC): working on the July 25-28, 2013 GPUS Annual Meeting: Tim McKee and John Went.

Ballot Assess (BA): discussion of efforts, difficulties, strategies and  successes of the state Green Parties gaining ballot access:  

S. Michael DeRosa and Edward Schwing.  

Black Caucus:  

Bylaws, Rules, Polices Procedure (BRPP): for the GPUS officers and national committees: Amy Vas Nunes.

Coordination Campaign (CCC): distribution of GPUS money to Green Party public office candidates.

Dispute Resolution (DRC):  mediation of any disputes within the GPUS organization:

Diversity (DC):  strategies and actions to urge/maximize diversity within the GPUS: Linda Thompson. 

Eco Action (EA): develop strategies for the GPUS regarding ecological matters.

Finance (FinCom): review  and determine how to spend the money of the  GPUS organization

Fundraising (FC): raises money for the GPUS operations.  

Green Party of the US internet news: acquire and write articles for the GPUS website.

International Committee (IC): develops/promotes GPUS positions regarding  world  issues.  Hector Lopez, Justine McCabe and S. Michael DeRosa. 

Latino Caucus:  Hector Lopez.  

Merchandizing Committee (MERCH): determines and acquires items for the GPUS.  Rolf Maurer and Hector Lopez.

Media Committee (MC): writes GPUS press releases. 

Outreach (OC): interacts with other groups who may have similar interests of the GPUS: Linda Thompson.

Peace (GPAX): discusses/develops strategies of how the GPUS may promote peace throughout  the world: Hector Lopez and S. Michael DeRosa.

Platform (PC): promotes positions on issues for the GPUS which are consistent with Green Party Ten Key Values: Justine McCabe  and Amy Vas Nunes.

Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC):  develop strategies to support any GPUS presidential candidates. Timothy McKee.

Women’s Caucus:  Martha Kelly. 

13. Political actions to be taken in the near future; events GPCT wishes to participate in.  

14. Chapter reports: verbal  to the attendees and the  written approved minutes to the CTGP secretary/EC members.

15. Selection of the date, time and site of the next August SCC meeting: possibly the last Tuesday i.e. 8.27.13 or some other day of the week. 

16. Other suggestions.



community-based  economics and economic justice, decentralization,  ecological wisdom, feminism and gender equality, future focus and sustainability, grassroots democracy,  non-violence,  personal and global responsibility, respect for diversity, social justice and equal opportunity.  


Submitted by Barbara Barry, secretary of the Green Party of Connecticut