Emergency EC meeting of Saturday, September 14, 2013 at 10am via teleconference.

GPCT attendees:  a) EC officers: co-chairpersons: Allan Brison, Linda Thompson and S. Michael DeRosa. Treasurer: Christopher Reilly and Barbara Barry, secretary. b) John Lancz. 


Reason for this EC meeting: need to clarify goals and agenda items for the 9-29-13 GPCT retreat.  An original goal was approved by the 8-27-13 SCC attendees.

Co-Chairpersons: Allan Brison,  Linda Thompson Lancz  and S. Michael DeRosa volunteered to participate for the Retreat Organizing Committee at the last 8-27-13  GPCT SCC meeting. The co-chairperson called an Emergency EC teleconference  to clarify:  goals, determine donations & applicable campaign regulations,  and develop the agenda items for the 9-29-13 GPCT Retreat.


AGENDA provided by Linda Thompson Lancz as follows:


The dial-in number is: 530/881-1000    Access #:   349729  


Suggestions so far are: 

ballot access workshop 

candidates campaigning workshop ( share successes and failures) 

campaign and general fundraising workshop 

social media workshop (class) 

conflict resolution workshop 

a panel on diversity issues - Cliff Thornton (Efficacy)

ACLU speaker on racial profiling, 

a talk on Why We Need a Green Party in CT.

(Organizing and Building) 

Richard Duffee on the economy.


Summary of the agreed upon suggestions for the retreat:

  • LT: gather at 9:30AM at the retreat facility and officially start at 10am; attendees to bring own lunch and are urged to bring enough to share with others; have pizza dinner at 5PM which attendees will purchase.  Costs which need to be covered: $320 for the facility plus: $1 for each person who attends and $200 deposit. The $200 deposit may be returned if the church (which owns this facility) finds the GPCT appropriately cleaned up the facility after using it.  LT will bring garbage bags as we need to pick up the garbage and take it with us for removal. Dinner will offer time for: socializing among the attendees, game playing and possibly listening to live music if a musician is willing to do so. 
  • AB:   breakup into small groups to discuss items for the workshops; will try to find a musician; and need supper food for the attendees; he agrees to be in charge of the Clean-up Committee.
  • SMD: will try to find a pizza delivery service for supper; will try to invite Elizabeth Horton Sheff and /or the Environmental Justice Network to lead a small workshop.
  • RD:
  • BAB: need to break up in small groups earlier in the afternoon in order to avoid people losing interest in small group participation; need clean up committee to get $200 deposit back; may wish to consider future outreach to Black ministers in various parts of CT for potential coalitions. BAB will bring: paper napkins; GPUS correspondence (provided by Tim McKee) regarding the July 2013 GPUS Annual Meeting. David Bedell is willing to lead a workshop about social networking.     Additional workshops under consideration: membership, fundraising, women’s issues; building local chapters.
  • CR: need to determine how we can raise money (donations) for the GPCT per regulations.
  • Consensus: suggest attendees bring salads, fruit and beverages to share; delivered pizza for supper.
  • Agenda by consensus:

start arriving at 9:30am;   

10AM to 11AM:  attendees will introduce themselves to the whole group of attendees;  

11AM to Noon: each GPCT co-chairperson will speak for 7 minutes( SMD to do GPCT history; AB will talk about how he promoted GPCT 10 Key Values during his term as an elected Green alderman to the New Haven City Council  and LT will address organizing) then they will answer questions.

Noon to 1PM:   lunch

  1. to 2:30PM with facilitator: John Lancz: large groups are: ballot access, membership, fundraising, diversity,   possibly: GPCT campaign schools for active candidates.

2:30PM to 5:00PM: breakup into smaller workshop groups: outreach, diversity; social media, financial inequality;

5:00PM to 8:00PM: delivered supper; socializing, playing of games; possibly: music.  Then clean up.