August 2, 2012 Emergency Executive Committee (EC) meeting of the CTGP at 7pm to 7:45pm via teleconference.  Attendees: co-chairpersons: Ronna Stuller, S. Michael DeRosa; David Bedell, treasurer; Barbara Barry, secretary;  Jason Ortiz, Jill Stein GPUS presidential petitioning coordinator for CT and NH.   Absent: co-chairperson: Allan Brison.


Jason Ortiz of CT was hired by the Jill Stein GPUS presidential committee on Thursday, July 26, 2012 to recruit additional petitioners from Jill Stein’s campaign to enhance the petitioning efforts of CTGP members.  His salary: $2000. Goal: to get 7500 valid petition signatures by the 4pm 8-8-12 deadline in CT to the Office of the Secretary of the State and the 8-8-12 deadline in New Hampshire.   SMD advised that his continued contacts with Jill Stein’s campaign indicates that they are still willing to help recruit additional petitioners, especially in the last week, if needed.

Jill Stein’s campaign has advised: SMD, DB and Christopher Reilly that federal campaign matching fund regulations require a separate checking account to be used for the petitioning for presidential candidate.  

BAB has provide petition sheets to:  BAB and SMD hand delivered to Michael McNulty in Willimantic on July 12, 2012 and mailed petitions to David Bedell.   There has been no response from Michael McNulty despite calls from SMD regarding how many petition signatures he has.  Jean deSmet also indicated late in July that she has been in contact with him, also.

SMD advised: he has raised about $850 from CTGP members for the petition campaign; GPUS Ballot Access Committee and Jill Stein’s campaign have also promised money for petitioning.

Consensus:  it is reasonable for the Jill Stein campaign to pay $1.00 per petition signature. Currently, there are no known CTGP petitioners who are requesting payment.