Accepted minutes of the January 7, 2013 EC (Executive Committee) meeting at 7pm via teleconference call of the following CTGP members:  Co-chairpersons: Ronna Stuller and S. Michael DeRosa; Treasurer: David Bedell; Secretary: Barbara Barry. Absent: Allan Brison. Also CTGP member: Christopher Reilly.   

The following was discussed and the SCC agenda was developed.  The proposed agenda for the CTGP  SCC   meeting on Monday, January 14, 2013 at 7PM. Location:  Portland Senior Center (first floor), 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT  06480   

1.  Review minutes and: a) approve 12-3-12 SCC meeting and b) accept the minutes of the 1-7-13 EC meeting.    

2.  Treasurer's report from David Bedell: balance of $779.35.    

3.  Report from Christopher Reilly: He has been advised by the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) that the FEC has officially recognized the CT Green Party as a state party of the Green Party of the United States (GPUS). This allows the CTGP to process any donations to a separate checking account for any CTGP candidate who is running for a federal office.  The CTGP will need to maintain appropriate communications with the FEC about any actions.   

4. Reports from our five (5) representatives to the GPUS:  Linda Thompson, Tim McKee, Jeff Russell, S. Michael DeRosa and Allan Brison.   5.  Any proposals/ resolutions from chapters or a group of five (5) CTGP Members.  

6.  Feedback about the campaigns, strategies used and how to maximize voter rights.  a) A report from David Bedell and S. Michael DeRosa about what they found about from their visit to the office of the CT Secretary of State (SOS) which affect CTGP candidate votes.

7. Development of which items will be CTGP’S  focus for: a) the CT legislative committees and legislative for the session starting January 9, 2013; and b) Allan Brison proposes a workshop about global warming. c) Other possible items: Social Security and Medicare, healthcare, gun reforms,  job development, bringing our 1st responders’ home, Patriot’s Act, women’s rights, alternate energy, living wage, etc.  d) SMD: voter regulations: have the CTGP as a specific political party which voters can register with on the CT Voter Registration form (vs. grouped under “Other”; proposal similar to that of New York State: if there are 1000 registered voters across the state, then the political party will be identified on the Voter Registration form.    e) CT state representatives: Ed Vargus of Hartford and Tim Bowles of Norwich  have agreed to meet with the CTGP about our legislative proposals. Are there any other state officials who may support our concerns?  f) volunteers to interact with the CT legislature about our concerns. 

8.  Discussion of date, place and time of the next CTGP Annual meeting.  

8.  CTGP Bylaw Committee update from members: Ronna Stuller, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa, Jeffrey Russell and Christopher Reilly.

9.  CTGP Bylaw Committee update from members: Ronna Stuller, Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa, Jeffrey Russell and Christopher Reilly and Tim Hanser of New London.    

10.  Volunteers to write press releases.

11. Reports from CTGP members to the active (GPUS) National Committees:   

Ballot Assess (BA): discussion of efforts, difficulties, strategies and  successes of the state Green Parties gaining ballot access.   S. Michael DeRosa and William Glickman.   

Eco Action (EA): develop ecological strategies for the GPUS. Jeffery Russell and Bill Glickman.   

International Committee (IC): develops/promotes GPUS positions regarding world  issues.  Hector Lopez, Justine McCabe and S. Michael DeRosa.    

Latino Caucus: Hector Lopez. 

Merchandizing Committee (MERCH): determines and acquires items for the GPUS.  Rolf Maurer. 

Peace (GPAX): discusses/develops strategies of how the GPUS may promote peace throughout  the world. Jeffery Russell and Richard Duffee. 

Platform (PC): promotes positions on issues for the GPUS which are consistent with Green Party Ten Key Values.   William Glickman. 

Steering (SC): the seven (7) co-chairpersons of the GPUS which promote GPUS actions and strategies.   

Women’s Caucus: Linda Thompson.

Current GPUS National Committees that appear to be inactive:

Accreditation (AC): reviews any state chapter which petitions to join the GPUS; reviews criteria for state delegates to GPUS annual meetings and conventions.

Annual National Meeting (ANMC): working on the  2013 GPUS National Meeting.  

Black Caucus:   

Bylaws, Rules, Polices Procedure (BRPP): for the GPUS officers and national committees. 

Coordination Campaign (CCC): distribution of GPUS money to Green Party public office candidates. 

Dispute Resolution (DRC):  mediation of any disputes within the GPUS organization.  

Diversity (DC):  strategies and actions to urge/maximize diversity within the GPUS.   

Finance (FinCom): review  and determine how to spend the money of the  GPUS organization.    

Fundraising (FC): raises money for the GPUS operations.

Green Party of the US internet news: acquire and write articles for the GPUS website.  

Media Committee (MC): writes GPUS press releases.

Outreach (OC): interacts with other groups who may have similar interests of the GPUS. 

Presidential Campaign Support Committee (PCSC):  develop strategies to support any GPUS presidential candidates. Timothy McKee.  

12.   Chapter reports: verbal to the attendees and the  written approved minutes to the CTGP secretary/EC members.

13.   Selection of the date, time and site of the next SCC meeting in February 2013. 

14.   Other suggestion: CR, RS and BAB are willing to organize the next CTGP 2013 Annual Meeting; send out mailing to registered CTGP members; develop guidelines for office with the suggestion that NO nominations for candidates for internal office will be accepted after the March 2013 SCC meeting.  

REPEAT:  The November 6, 2012 election results of our CTGP and GPUS candidates were:    

S. Michael DeRosa, 1stCongressional District (Hartford, East Hartford and along CT River): 1.9%.    

Colin Bennett for the 2nd Congressional District (from Eastern CT from MA, RI to CT shoreline): 1.2%.    We had no candidates for 3rd Congressional District ballot line; no ballot line for the 4th Congressional District.

Jeffery Russell for the 1st CT State Senate District (southern Hartford/northern Wethersfield): 1.9%. 

Ron Sala for State Senate, 27th District: 1.5%.    

Don Alexander, State Senate District 30 (Brookfield, Canaan, Cornwall, Goshen, Kent, Litchfield, Morris, New Milford, North Canaan, Salisbury, Sharon, Torrington, Warren, Winchester):  did not garner enough valid petition signatures per the CT Secretary of the State’s office (SOTS). He choose not to be a write-in candidate.  

Melissa  Schlag for 33rd State Senate district from Haddam: 8.7%.   

Remy Chevalier for State Senate, 36th District:  1.7%.  

Robert J. Ouellette for the 25th state representative position (New Britain): 1.1%.

Nicholas Payne for State Representative, District 67 (New Milford): 5.0%.    

Matthew Went for the 84th state representative(Meriden):  2.6%.   

David Bedell for State Representative of 125th  District: 1.8%.  

Gabriel B. Rossi for State Representative for the 135th District: 2.6%.

Rolf W. Maurer for State Representative for the 148th District: 1.6%.   

Mary T. Farrell for Stamford Registrar of Voters:  3.8%.  

Jane B. Weston for Weston Registrar of Voters: 3.6%.

Douglas Lary for Willimantic Registrar of Voters: about 9% on the Green Party line and about 3% combined from the  Bottom Line and unaffiliated   ballot lines for a total of about 12%.    

Caleb Kleppner for New Haven Registrar of Voters: was not accepted as a candidate by the CT Secretary of State because that office was not provided with the results of the New Haven Chapter endorsement of him.  

Cora Marie Santaguida for Stamford Board of Education: 4.5%.    

Misha Schmidt for Stamford Board of Education: 8.8%.  

Write-in candidates information is incomplete:  Jill Stein, GPUS presidential candidate and Cheri Honkala, for vice president:  and for Jeffery Russell for U.S. Senate from CT .  

GREEN PARTY TEN KEY VALUES: non-violence, respect for diversity, grassroots democracy, social justice and equal opportunity, ecological wisdom, decentralization, community-based economics and economic justice, future focus and sustainability, personal and global responsibility, feminism and gender equality.