Minutes of the December state meeting
December 27, 1999

The December state meeting was called to order by Northwest chapter representative Tom Ethier at 6:50 PM on December 27th, 1999 at the It’s Only Natural Restaurant in the Main Street Market in Middletown. It was determined that a quorum was present.

Because of the absence of the Treasurer, the treasurer’s report was not given.

Discussion followed concerning the Legislative Agenda. Northwest chapter member, John Battista made mention that the only issues that would be discussed during the upcoming start of the Legislative Session would be issues that directly affect the budget, however a Committee Chairperson could raise a non-funding bill, if so desired. He followed with the ill-affects of what the current proposal of a new health care bill will have on lost jobs in Connecticut.

Co-chair Vas Nunes expressed that the biggest thing that came out of the meeting with Sen. Edith Prague was to hold the stranded cost issue until next session.

Discussion followed about Campaign 2000. Connecticut Committee to Draft Ralph Nader for President Chair Aaron Tabackman discussed the plans for the expected Nader announcement. It focused on his letter he sent to the list serve regarding the plans of the Connecticut Draft Nader Committee. Highlighted was the plan of the Nader Raider Team. Chairman Tabackman urged people to contact him to become or actively recruit Nader Raider’s before the expected announcement. Lastly, he also mentioned that the Draft Committee were still looking for more $250 donors for the campaign.

Discussion followed concerning how the delegates will be chosen for the Presidential nominating convention in Denver. Northeast representative Michael Westerfield made a motion that delegates should comprise of one from each chapter, with the Hartford chapter receiving two and two to come at-large. The motion was seconded, yet during debate and discussion Mr. Westerfield withdrew his motion and Mr. Ethier amended the motion be the following: The notion that the Hartford chapter shall receive two delegates will be stricken. Each of the six chapters will be able to send one delegate. The chapters will be responsible for selecting their delegate by the next state meeting, January 31st. If a chapter does not or cannot choose a delegate for Denver by the 31st, the chapter will lose their delegate and it will be moved to an at-large status and be available for any Green in the state to occupy. Whoever wants to be an at-large delegate will submit their names at the appropriate time—after the chapter expresses who, if anybody, will be their delegate. Moreover, in the interim time before the January state meeting, the chapter members can offer ways on how the three at-large delegates shall be chosen (i.e.—rank order vote, instant run-off voting, secret ballot). Whichever way is devised, the three or possibly more at-large delegates must be selected on February 28th by the end of the February state meeting.

Later, a short discussion ensued about the addition of a third co-chair. A vote followed and it easily passed. The Connecticut Green Party now will have a third-co chair. Please note both genders must be represented within these three co-chairs.

Mr. Tabackman spoke about the Winter newsletter and informed people that the deadline to occur would be still December 28th with a distribution during the first week of January. He spoke about the general structure of the newsletter, too. No headway was made regarding the state brochures.

New Business was discussed next. John Battista brought Cathy Itri from the Northwest chapter to discuss the Green Party’s participation in a weekly progressive/alternative cable access television show that is produced by Ms. Itri. The aim and the appeal of the show will be to reach as many Connecticut voters as possible. Mr. Battista stated that there are 22 cable outlets across Connecticut and that the cost of each of these outlets receiving a ten dollar recorded videotape would be two hundred and twenty dollars per week or per show. Although no votes were taken, the general sentiment of the group was one of interest.

Next, Amy Vas Nunes discussed joining Todos Connecticut con Vieques-- a coalition activists concerned about the Vieques question. By a passing vote, the Connecticut Green Party will be a member of Todos Connecticut con Vieques.

Ms. Vas Nunes also made an appeal to join the Coalition to End Child Poverty. Her seconded motion was to join the coalition for one-hundred dollars, yet those monies would only be actually allocated upon consultation with Treasurer Reilly. It easily passed.

Tom Ethier went on to discuss the meeting Green Party members had with Common Cause. He expressed what the General Assembly Elections Committee is doing about campaign finance reform. The sentiment at the meeting was that the Connecticut Green Party is only interested in the complete public financing of electoral campaigns with low thresholds applied for state recognition and matching funds. In addition, the expression of the room, was to make this sentiment known by participating in the February 8th rally set by Common Cause and the Miles Rappaport organization Democracy Works.

The Chapter Reports concluded the meeting.

The Northeast chapter will chair the next meeting at Wesleyan.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 PM

Aaron Tabackman,