Minutes of the State Meeting
February 13th, 2001

Treasurer's report


I. Legislative agenda

A. CT Global Action Network representatives discussed the FTAA(the proposed expansion of NAFTA to include most of the western hemisphere) . There will be a rally in Quebec on 20 April 2001 to protest the FTAA meeting there. The CGAN rep's asked for our endorsement of, and participation in, a rally in Hartford on 20 April, at a location yet to be determined. The motion to do so passed with 1 abstention, none opposed.

B. A member of the organization "Efficacy in Greater Hartford-African American Alliance" shared information on the arrest of Rev. Henry Price in Hartford, following Price's extended conflict with the Hartford police over brutality and other improprieties. We were asked to show our support for a complete investigation into said improprieties and into the charges against Price, at an upcoming press conference. Representatives of EGHAAA will meet with the Hartford chapter Greens within 2 weeks, to elucidate the issue. A motion to make available to all Greens the press conference date, when known, passed unopposed.

C. Corporate responsibility legislation (no bill # yet) stands as follows: Corporations receiving more than $5000 in tax assistance (including abatements) from the state of CT must document their progress in creating jobs, and show that no jobs have left the state. Violators would be subject to repaying the state. Use of a bonding process to guarantee repayment was suggested, and all are encouraged to contact their legislators to inquire about the progress of this bill.

D. A conference will be held in Hartford by the CT Campaign to Fight Poverty and Build Economic Security, on Thurs., 8 March 2001. We voted, with 1 abstention and no one opposed, to join the coalition sponsoring this event, and to have a table there, preferably with at least one person from each chapter. Contact Amy vas Nunes to volunteer.

E. Rep. Knopp may form a task force (with 1 or 2 Greens on it) to study Instant Runoff Voting, but needs to be pressured to do so.

F. Ballot Access Bill (#5810) was heard in committee. Contact Tom Sevigny for information, committee membership, etc. The Reform and Libertarian Parties are helping with this bill, which would change the designation of "minor party" and make it likely that we would no longer need to collect petition signatures for every office for which we want to run a candidate. Dissent was voiced on behalf of the current system, which may more effectively prevent a proliferation of "minor parties" whose sole aim is to take votes away from the Greens.

G. Currently, Governor's regulations allow the Filthy Five power plants in CT to trade "pollution credits" for half of their sulfur dioxide and nitrogen-oxide emissions. A compromise bill has been proposed to the NRG, targeting sulfur dioxide emissions reductions. Fuller discussion deferred till next state meeting.

H. Single Payer Health Care Bill was killed in committee, primarily by Mary Eberle. A study bill would face the same opposition and was therefore recommended against.

2. Newsletter will go to press sometime next week. Goal is to publish bimonthly. Submit articles, advertising, etc. to Mike de Rosa.


1. A new secretary for the state Greens was approved (me - Penny Teal).

2. New state committees - functions and partial list of members. To join a committee, please contact one of its members.

A. Elections committee: will disseminate information on campaign strategies, hold workshops, and otherwise try to help win elections. Tom Ethier (chair), Peter Ellner, Chris Nelson. N.b., party designation forms must be submitted by mid-June for every office for which we hope to field a candidate. There will be a campaign workshop at Yale on 24 Feb.; contact Pete Ellner to register.

B. Communications committee: no discussion till next meeting.

C. Finance committee: propose budget at state meeting, formulate reimbursement procedure, assist treasurer. Tom Sevigny (chair), Chris Nelson, Max Wentworth, Peter Magisteri, Penny Teal (temporary). Chris Reilly will resign as treasurer after the June convention. Chris Nelson will begin immediately as deputy treasurer.

D. Fundraising/Events committee: propose and implement fundraising ideas. Laura Cordes, Ron Cassidento.

E. Media relations: primarily issues press releases. Glenn Cheney will be happy to write these, but wants people to feed him information and quotes. Glenn, Aaron Tabackman and Amy vas Nunes.

F. Bylaws committee: will propose a definition for "Green Party member", review and recommend emendations of existing bylaws, and propose means of voting statewide (as opposed to only at the convention) for steering committee members. Jean de Smet, Barbara de Rosa, Amy vas Nunes, and Penny Teal.

4. Endorsement requested for Palestinian Right of Return March; passed unanimously after discussion about the political prudence of our involvement in the issue.