Minutes of 9/12/04 Executive Committee meeting--office in Hartford, 11:20am-2pm

Attending: co-chairs Elizabeth Brancato and Mike DeRosa; treasurer Bob Eaton; secretary Ed DuBrule

Amy's CHRO complaint; mail routing; related matters: Amy Vas Nunes has filed a complaint against the CTGP with the CT Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities. Charlie Pillsbury will be preparing a response. The routing of the complaint raised concerns about delays (for example it was sent to an attorney who has worked with the CTGP in the past but who didn't know who the current co-chairs are). Mike will look into whether Charlie, perhaps, could be listed as the CTGP's attorney and related issues. Ed will look into whether any changes should be made in the way mail is handled which comes to the CTGP post office box.

Ralph Ferrucci's withdrawal and possible re-nomination. Ralph Ferrucci has withdrawn from an official CTGP candidacy for Congress from the Third District, citing concerns about the process used to nominate him. Executive Committee members have discussed this situation with Ralph and other Party members, including New Haven chapter members. A nominating convention will probably be held in early October, with attention to Ralph's concerns about process; this convention may re-nominate Ralph for the same candidacy. Elizabeth Brancato and a Northwest chapter member (Kaye Ward) have written a draft press release; it begins "The Green Party of Connecticut (GP of CT) is extremely pleased by Mr. Ralph Ferrucci's decision to continue as a potential candidate for the Third Congressional District." Today we added some sentences to this press release and approved the wording.

Elizabeth Horton Sheff requested an Executive Committee meeting to address Ralph, David, and other concerns. In an email she stated that while she supports a press release, she viewed this juncture as an opportunity for public expression about the Green Party that goes beyond a simple response to Ralph's situation. As on numerous occasions, she has expressed her preference to not address substantive issues via email, but face-to-face, minus a meeting Elizabeth felt that she had no option but to abstain from any involvement in efforts related to the press release.

The press release was discussed, in person, at today's meeting. The final draft was agreed-upon by all members of the Executive Committee that were present (Elizabeth Horton Sheff was unable to attend today's meeting).

List of registered Greens: the Executive Committee now has a list of Connecticut registered Greens. This list was extracted from the entire list of CT registered voters obtained in early July from the CT Secretary of State's office. (Thanks to Bob Eaton and Aaron Gustafson for their computer work). (A list of registered CT non-Democrats, non-Republicans was also extracted from the Secretary of State's list.)

Reimbursement of Chris Reilly. Ed will e-mail Bruce Crowder, asking him to comment on the section of the August 2004 SCC minutes reporting on this matter.

September SCC meeting agenda. This agenda was worked out. It will, as usual, be published to the News listserve one week before the meeting. It was noted that sometimes proposals are submitted to the secretary shortly before the deadline for acceptance of proposals (one week before the SCC meeting). Chapters, which typically meet once a month, often will not be able to consider such proposals. Should some proposals not be discussed at the SCC meeting until chapters have had a chance to talk about them?

Fundraising mailing. Mike will call American Mailing Services to get details of a mailing to 2500 names (registered Greens). This mailing bureau runs our submitted list of addresses against a post-office CD containing valid addresses--could we obtain a list of the "rejected" addresses resulting from this procedure? Elizabeth Brancato has drafted a letter for this mailing.