Minutes--January 25, 2005 SCC meeting (quorum-less), Portland Public Library, 7:15-8:45pm

1. Central Connecticut chapter: Vic Lancia, Vincent Maruffi
2. Hamden chapter: Aaron Gustafson, Kelly McCarthy(NV), Francis Braunlich
3. Hartford chapter: Ed DuBrule(NV), Mike DeRosa
4. New Haven chapter: David Eliscu (facilitator)
5. New London chapter: Andy Derr, Chris Nelson
6. Northeast chapter: Jean de Smet

A quorum was not reached.

A. PRELIMINARIES. The groundrules were adopted by consensus. By consensus a proposal from the internal elections committee was added to the agenda, and Kelly McCarthy will speak in the "guest slot".

Treasurer's report (read by Ed).
"Over the last month we had receipts of $612.40 and expenses of $964.07. Currently we have a balance of $857.84.

"So far our net gain from our fall fund raiser is $174.52 giving us close to a 20% return above our expenses.

"We are up to 24 in the 100 for 100 program.

"Receipts: fall fundraiser $325.00
monthly contributions 180.00
other contribution 100.00
in-kind 7.40

"Total Receipts $612.40

"Expenses: Fall fund raiser payment -$452.50
Credit card processing - 35.00
Hartford Office - 392.52
Reimbursements - 74.24
Toll Free Number - 2.41
Stamps - 7.40

"Total Expenses -$964.07

"As most of you know 30% of contributions are allocated for the chapter from which the contribution comes from. Currently the balance owed to all CT Green Party chapters is $3,883.86. Obviously the state has over spent it's portion of the contributions. With our current state balance of $857.84 we would need an additional $3,025.92 to pay off the balances. (as well as collecting money from chapters that are in negative balance.)

"As always please consider being involved in the Fundraising and Budget Committees.

"For more information on the CT Green Party Finances you can call me at 860 379-0632, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or look at this webpage: http://www.kirajoy.com/CTGP/CTGP_Treasurer.html

"Bob Eaton
"CT Green Party Treasurer"

Ed said that by "fall fund raiser" Bob was referring to the fundraising mailing sent out in December 2004, and that by "reimbursements" Bob was referring to the monthly payment to Chris Reilly. Ed wondered about the amount $392.52 for the Hartford office--Mike said that the Hartford chapter had paid its share of $250 towards the office rent, and that he had received a check for $250 from Bob, and noted that utilities must be paid, but couldn't explain the exact figure.

Kelly wondered if Bob could provide us with an up-to-date list of the chapter balances. Jean wondered if chapters might agree to cancel their chapter balances.

Guest slot. Kelly spoke, expressing concerns about the CTGP financial situation, the continued funding by the CTGP of the Hartford office, and "the debt" (apparently referring to the large negative Hartford chapter balance). These issues need to be addressed soon. Kelly said that she was speaking for herself, but that some of her concerns are shared by members of the Hamden chapter. Kelly had been told very different things by Justine and Mike with regards to the matter of whether the CTGP insurance policy covers events. We have been told that we need to have an office to have insurance, but other organizations without offices have insurance. Months have passed and we still don't see large amounts of money being raised to cover the office. Not a lot of state-level meetings and functions occur at the Hartford office.

Mike said that he would get information to Kelly from the insurance agent to clarify the issue of events coverage.

Attendees spoke of the concept that the CTGP would no longer provide funding for the office if, by a certain date, the Hartford chapter wasn't providing its half of the rent and utilities and/or the Hartford chapter hadn't paid off its chapter balance. Had the SCC recently already agreed to that concept? Ed said that his minutes show these ideas being discussed in recent SCC meetings but that no agreement had been reached on them. Ed said that the Office Committee had never met. Attendees wondered if Kelly and/or the Hamden chapter could look into the facts concerning the insurance. Could a proposal regarding the office be written?

Kelly agreed to convene a meeting of the Office Committee.

B. OLD BUSINESS AND PROPOSALS. Jean and Ed presented the proposal from the internal elections committee (Appendix 1). Jean pointed out that implementing this proposal would mean raising hundreds of dollars (the proposal's estimate is $1,366; the treasurer's report indicates a balance in the CTGP checking account of $857).

Mike said that last year Connecticut Greens contributed $800 specifically so that the mailing could be done, and pointed out that last year's internal elections mailing brought in contributions (Mike estimated these at $1000). Jean said she thought these figures were roughly correct. Mike said that soliciting funds from Greens is most successful when the funds sought are to be used for a specific stated project.

Could the mailing request that people provide their e-mail addresses, so that the IT committee (or others) could do e-mailing of CTGP newsletters and be able to set up projects like voting partially on-line?

Because there was no quorum, no decision on appropriating $1,366 could be made. See also report from internal elections committee, below.


1. Internal Elections Committee. See also OLD BUSINESS AND PROPOSALS, above. At tonight's meeting, Mike announced his candidacy for co-chair. Jean said that as of tonight there are no other declared candidates for co-chair, treasurer, secretary, or US Green Party reps/alternate. Ed said that he is not a candidate for secretary. He pointed out that he plans to do work over the next year on the CTGP membership lists, which might take some of the workload off next year's secretary. He said that SCC meeting minutes need not be as lengthy as he typically has written them.

The deadline for announcing candidacies had been announced as tonight. Jean suggested sending e-mails asking for candidates again and extending the deadline for 1 week. She suggested forming a committee to seek candidates (ask people to run personally); no one offered to join such a committee. Mike suggested that we all make phone calls for this.

Jean said that the February SCC meeting should address the question of how long the current officers should serve if internal elections are delayed.

2. Chapter reports

**Hartford--having event with Nader sometime in February; Mike said he hopes the Hartford chapter can pay off its negative chapter balance starting with this event . Needs donation of television to continue its progressive movie nights. Working with New Britain man who wants to form Green Party chapter (has 20 people working with him), plans to run for mayor, already has treasurer and campaign manager.

**Central Connecticut--Vic and others, as individuals rather than as chapter members, are planning a salon (to discuss many topics) the second Monday of every month at the Buttonwood Tree restaurant.

**Hamden--next chapter meeting Thursday 1/27/05.

**Northeast--continues planning for cable TV video(s).

**New London--has cable TV show; trying to convert the tapes to DVD format.

**New Haven--had Working Families Party member speak to chapter meeting regarding electoral and legislative strategies; helped get resolutions on nuclear disarmament and withdrawal of US troops from Iraq through New Haven City Council.

3. Executive Committee--Mike reviewed this committee's work, as published in the minutes of the 1/13/05 meeting.

4. VOTER (Mike)--25 people met with Senator Hanley regarding the paper trail bill; meetings also held with legislators Caruso and DeFronzo. Common Cause and CCAG support the paper trail. Work on bill mandating audits of ballots even if recount not required. Work on bill for permanent ballot access for minor parties.

5. Legislative report (Mike). Two single payer healthcare bills have been submitted to the legislature; one committee may hold hearings. Mike suggests holding a rally the day the committee holds hearings. CCAG is also working on healthcare issues.



1. Select replacement on Process Committee for Rachel Goodkind, who has moved from Connecticut. Her replacment must be female (Appendix 2). Ed said that it might be best to select Rachel's replacement before another complaint is brought to the Process Committee. Ed said Charlie Pillsbury, and (apparently) David Adams (both members of the Process Committee) do not feel that Rachel's replacement must be from a different chapter than Charlie and David.

SCC reps should ask their chapters for nominations.


**March 19 antiwar mobilization: Mike read the following from an e-mail: "The March 19 antiwar mobilization will be a legal, permitted march through the streets of Hartford that will conclude with a rally in Barnard Park [secretary's note: Bushnell Park?]. The mobilization was put forward as a resolution by CT United for Peace at its November 20 state anti-war conference, 'Where Do We Go From Here?'. A plenary of 200 antiwar activists from around the state voted overwhelmingly in favor of the resolution, which contained the following demands: 'Bring the Troops Home Now!', 'End the War in Iraq', 'End the Occupation of Palestine' ". A planning committee meets every Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Hartford office.

**Francis urged that we get involved with the Not In Our Name movement (www.nion.us), which ran an ad opposing the domestic and international agenda of the Bush administration in the New York Times on January 23 and is raising funds to run the ad in more newspapers.

Since tonight's meeting did not have a quorum, the idea was raised of the Executive Committee endorsing the March 19 mobilization and the Not in Our Name ad. No one objected to this idea.


Appendix 1 Proposal from internal elections committee.

Green Party Meeting Proposal Form

PRESENTER : internal elections committee

CONTACT: Jean de Smet, 39 Davis St. Willimantic CT 06226, 860-456-2188, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SUBJECT: funding appropriation for 2005 internal elections/annual meeting

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE : annually the CTGP holds internal elections and an annual meeting


(1) A full ballot package will be sent to those Greens who voted in the 2004 internal elections, either by mail or at the annual meeting, including those whose ballots were received too late to be counted. This totals 177 people.

(2) Other CTGP members may be sent a full ballot, depending on funds available. Pledges will be solicited to send full ballots to as many people as possible. Full ballot mailings will sent in the following order, as funds permit: Greens who registered within the past year; then to all registered Greens; then to all other members. The deadline for fundraising is February 6th. All other CTGP members will be sent a postcard.

(3) The full ballot package will contain up to 12 sides (6 pages) (may vary depending on the number of candidates) and (optionally) a return envelope.

Side 1: ballot (printed in green ink)
Side 2: page inviting people to the annual meeting and explaining the voting process (on the back of the ballot)
Sides 3-8: candidate statements (last year this was 6 single-sided pages)
Side 9: information about CTGP/donation request
Side 10: donation form
Side 11: contact information about CTGP (one side)
Side 12: description of Annual Meeting (one side)

(4) The postcard will contain:
**phone number and e-mail address for obtaining a ballot package by mail
**date/time/place of annual meeting and candidate forum(s)
**additional information on the CTGP as space allows
(5) Cost estimates: One estimate (based on figures provided by Gulemo Printing, Willimantic) is:
$357 Printing/addressing 2800 small (5 1/2" x 4 1/4") postcards
300 Printing/stuffing/addressing 200 full ballot packages
560 Postage for 2800 postcards ($0.20 x 2800 postcards)
74 Postage for 200 full ballot packages ($0.37 x 200) (two hundred may not be enough for bulk mail)
75 Room rental (possibly Greater New Haven Labor Council, 267 Chapel St.)
$1,366 total


E-mail from Gulemo Printing:
Hi Jean,

I will be assuming the 12 sides look the same as last time. First let me tell you that we can not be sure about the postage, That depends on the address list. Our best guess is about 20 cents per postcard & about 22 cents per letter. 200 letters (option 1) might not work to bulk mail. They might have to go first class.

Postcards come in different sizes. I will give you 2 samples. Prices are including printing, stuffing addressing & mailing. Postage is NOT included.

Option 1
2800 Postcards size 8 ½” x 5 ½” = $501.00, size 5 ½” x 4 ¼” = $357.00
200 Full mailings = $300.00

Option 2
2000 postcards size 8 ½”x 5 ½” = $381.00, size 5 ½” x 4 ¼” = $272.00
1000 full mailings = $1000.00

Option 3
3000 full mailings = $2600.00


Appendix 2 Excerpt from Conflict Resolution Process, revised after 1 year's experience.

[NOTE: explanatory notes between brackets and in italics were not approved by the SCC and are not part of the Resolution Process, but reflect comments made at the April 2003 SCC meeting when the Resolution Process was adopted; recommended additionsare in bold print; recommended deletions are in bold print between brackets.]

RESOLUTION PROCESS STRUCTURE. The Resolution Process is a two-step process involving a standing (elected) Process Committee and ad hoc Resolution Committees appointed to dispose of each complaint. The Resolution Process functions are in order of importance: 1) fact-finding, 2) education, 3) mediation and reconciliation, and 4) corrective action.

The Process Committee (PC) [prosecutor/grand jury function] consists of three people from different chapters who were nominated and elected by the SCC immediately after the SCC approved the Resolution Process. [The three people nominated and elected unanimously were David Adams, Rachel Goodkind and Lynah Linwood] These three people will serve until the SCC has reviewed, ratified or amended the Resolution Process, as described in the final paragraph below, in approximately one year. Upon ratification or amendment of the Process, three people will be elected immediately to serve for one year, two years and three years, respectively. After these initial terms, PC members will be elected to serve three-year terms, and no person may serve on the PC for more than six years under any circumstances. In nominating people to serve on the PC, the SCC will consider the Party’s respect for diversity. At no time may all three members of the PC be of the same gender. [Key Values 7 & 8]

The Resolution Committee (RC) ...