Minutes of 4/11/05Executive Committee meeting
Hartfordoffice, 6:10-8:15pm

Annual meeting: We discussed finding speakers for the annual meeting held April 17, 2005.

Proposal on event endorsement: We revised the proposal on Executive Committee endorsement of events in light of discussions at the March 2005 SCC meeting. We will present the revised proposal to the April SCC meeting.

Peace Action Committee delegates: We approved Elizabeth Brancato, Justine McCabe, and David Eliscu to serve on the national Green Party's Peace Action Committee. The March 2005 SCC meeting passed our proposal that let the Executive Committee approve these delegates.

An agenda item to approve these three persons was on the March SCC agenda but was not reached due to lack of time. Elizabeth and Justine originally expressed interest in joining this committee; the Executive Committee put an inquiry on the News listerve and David Eliscu said that he, too, would like to serve.

SCC agenda: The agenda for the April SCC meeting was worked out. As usual, it will be published to the News listserve one week before the meeting.

(Prior to tonight's meeting, our committee had discussed the issue of whether the April SCC agenda should be prepared by us or by the incoming Executive Committee. We received a request, or suggestion, from the internal elections committee that it would be best if the outgoing Executive Committee prepared the agenda, since the annual meeting would be April 17 and the one-week-before-the-meeting target for publishing the agenda would be April 19, a mere two days later. The internal elections committee also pointed out that final results of the internal elections would, in all probability, not be able to be announced at the annual meeting because all mailed-out ballots would probably not have been returned.)