9-27-05 SCC meeting of the Green Party of CT, quorum met; not approved.
Time: 7 to 8:30pm, 9-27-05, Tuesday
Location: Middletown Public Library, 123 Broad Street, Middletown, CT
Reading Room # 3
Phone: 860-347-2528

Facilitator: Allan Brison of New Haven Chapter.

Attendees per sign-in sheet: Vittorio E. Lancio, Central; Tim McKee, Tolland; Robert Pandolfo, Greater Harford; Mary Anne Davis, New Haven; Chris Nelson, New London; Allan Brison, New Haven; Miquel A. Nives, New
Britain; Paul Bassler, Fairfield; Stamford: David Bedell and David Shapiro.
GPCT officers: Michael DeRosa, co-chairperson; Barbara Barry,secretary.

A. Preliminaries:

1. Introductions/identify chapters: quorum requirement met.

2. Identify non-voting representatives: none.

3. Adoption of ground rules.

4. Approval of tonight’s proposed agenda: no additions; deletion of the lone 2 proposals due to lack of presenters.

5. Presentation of Treasurer’s monthly report: deleted due to lack of presence of the treasurer, her representative or forwarding of any treasury information to GPCT officers or members.

6. Review and approval of minutes of 8-30-05 SCC meeting.

7. Question to Secretary regarding lack of EC meetings in August and September. Barbara:

Due to: inability of co-chairpersons: Aaron Gustafson and Kelly McCarthy to attend many of the proposed times due to other commitments especially Kelly’s campaign; death of Judy’s brother; lack of any new agenda items forwarded to the EC body.

B. Reports:

1. Chapter reports:

a) Manchester: Tim McKee: trying to organize a Manchester Community College Green Party chapter.

b) Greater Hartford: Michael DeRosa: organized an information center called: Behind the Rocks Information Center, at the Greater Hartford Green Party Office which is open 6-days a week. It is a lending library of books, publications, DVD’s and videos. Chapter also has a Progressive Movie Night, every other Friday.

David Ionnno, Green Party candidate for Hartford Board of Education is running for one of its 4 elected seats (5 are appointed by the Mayor). Opponents: 2 Democrats, @ Republicans and a Working Families Party candidate. David is a Hartford Public Library Employee, union representative; Vietnam Veteran for Peace spokesman; father of 4 daughters: 3 of which have graduated from Hartford Public schools and a freshman.

c) New Haven: Allan Brison: NAACP agreed to sponsor a debate between Green Party mayoral candidate: Eric Brown and Mayor John DeStephano. Charlie Pillsbury is concerned that a Democratic incumbent city alderperson will withdraw prior to the election. This will allow Mayor DeStephano, Democrat, to appoint a replacement alderperson. Democrats have formed 2 new additional ward committees of Yalies.

This had not been a usual traditional practice. Former Green Party Alderperson, Joyce Chen, spoke with the New Haven Chapter about switching to the Democratic Party in August. She won the Democratic primary. Next New Haven Chapter meeting: tomorrow, 9-28-05.

d) Middletown: Vic Lancia: will show the film: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, an Irish production about the actual overthrow of President Chavez in Venezula. Time: 7pm on 10-10-05 at location of Liberty Street and Main Street. There is no known Wesleyan Green Party chapter.

e) New London: Chris Nelson: Candidates are running for the following municipal positions: re-running for 2 at-large council positions and Board of Education. Green Party chapter of New London has been active since 2001 in Charter revision work, eminent domain issues and concerns regarding other economic developments. New London city government is primarily controlled by the city manager with the city council members being perceived to have more limited power then the city manager. Overall, have raised about $4700 via fundraising and have about $3000 left, which is mostly planned for print ads. Most of the ads are likely to go into the free weekly local paper, owned by the newspaper New London Day…which endorsed 2 of our candidates at the last election. Outreach has been done to identify about 200 supports in targeted areas. These targets are mostly non-affiliated and non-voters. I.e. Independents which make up the largest voting block in New London as is typical for CT. Supporters are asked to seek out and identify 10 more supporters, yielding about 2000 supporters. Typically the city council winner will garner 1300 to 1600 votes. Our weekly community TV show is to resume soon, possibly nest week or so.

f) New Britain: Miquel Nives: as the Green Party mayoral candidate, he opened an office 38 Main Street, directly across from City Hall. Rent is $300/month and all contributions are welcome. Is trying to get a phone line put in. The office is staffed at least 9am to 5pm, Monday through Saturday, and some evening meetings scheduled. Planned events: 10-1-05: Miquel to speak on the steps of City Hall, then he and his supporter will drive around New Britain honking their car horns to bring attention to his candidacy. 10-5-05 debate about city concerns regarding: space, money and teachers. 10-16-05: to speak about early childhood and immigration issues from 3:30pm to 5pm. About 1000 people are expected to attend. Women’s will have a debate at 7pm on 10-19-05 in New Britain City Hall chambers and will be televised. Also having Friday night movies.

g) Fairfield: Darek Shapiro, Green Party candidate for Mayor of Stamford. Occupation: architect. Has campaign group of about 40 people. His issues; eminent domain, development boom with limited livable or affordable housing; energy and pollution (especially: particles and their relationship with asthma, zoning and quality of schools. Many years ago, Stamford had approved a resolution to support clean energy but there has been little movement to implement it. Stamford has decreased its energy consumption by conservation and the elimination of some old power plants. The current mayor is running for governor.

2. U.S. Green Party representatives’ reports by Tim McKee. Representative, Thomas Sevigny, was not present. Whether or not Thomas Sevigny was re-elected as National Co-chairperson has not been determined despite a count and a re-count. The compromise at the recount: Thomas was to share one co-chair position with another person. However, the final decision, has yet to be determined by GPUS.

3. Women’s Caucus report: deleted due to lack of a representative.

4. V.O.T.E.R. resolution from Mike DeRosa on possible Pro-Se case against State of CT regarding minority party permanent ballot access for all federal, state and municipal offices.

Consensus: GPCT supports/gives permission for this work to go forward in GPCT name.

Discussion: Chris Nelson: is not eager for permanent ballot access as it “makes it too easy for every party to get on the ballot. But benefits of people on the machines would be beneficial”.

Paul Bassler: some Greens have been able to get permanent ballot access in other states due to their election laws.

Tim McKee: in Rhode Island, if you get 5% of the votes, you are granted majority party status which provided benefits e.g. poll monitors, funding, etc.

5. Approval of 6-13-05 and 7-11-05 EC meetings by consensus.

6. Strategy Committee: deleted due to absence of the authors.

7. Election Committee: Getting Out The Vote (GOTV) for our candidates in November: deleted due to lack of presenters.