approved Minutes of 1-9-06 CTGP EC meeting

Place: Greater Hartford Green Party's office;
418-A New Britain Avenue, Hartford, CT. Time: 7pm.

Attendees: Mike DeRosa, co-chairperson; Barbara Barry, Secretary;
Absent: Treasurer: Judy Herkimer who did not respond to emails regarding suggested site and this previously planned EC meeting for the 2nd Monday of every month.
11-05 Resigned co-chairpersons: Kelly McCarthy and Aaron Gustafson.
No observers.

1. set agenda for 1-31-06 SCC meeting:

SCC Meeting 1-31-06

Likely Place: Mike to contact Vic Lancia of Central chapter regarding arranging for Portland Public Library, Mary Flood Room, 20 Freestone Avenue, Portland, CT 06480-1818

Phone: 860-342-6770

Time: 7PM to 8:55PM

Facilitator: to be determined

A. Preliminaries:

1. (2-3 minutes): Introductions of attendees and chapters. Recruit timekeeper.

2. (1 minute): Identify attendees who are NOT voting representatives.

3. (1 minute): Adopt ground rules.

4. (2-4 minutes): Approval of tonight's proposed agenda, additions and deletions.

5. (2-4 minutes): Comments and approval of 12-27-05 SCC minutes.

6. (5 minutes): 1-9-06 EC meeting presentation by Barbara Barry and approval.

7. 15 minutes): Presentation of Treasurer's monthly reports of October, November, December and January.

8. (15 minutes): Presentation of Treasurer's 3rd quarter and 4th quarter reports to Secretary of State's Office.


1. (5 minutes, each for): Chapter reports.

2. (15 minutes): Women's Caucus report including discussion re: Modified Consencus Training.

3. (10 minutes): U.S. Green Party report by CTGP representatives: Tim McKee.

4. (15 minutes): V.O.T.E.R. report from Mike DeRosa re: 1-06 meeting with CT ACLU/Common Cause/ CCAG.

5. (15 minutes): Budget Committee suggestions/talking points: chapter suggestions

6. (20 minutes): Internal Elections committee for CTGP officers, place, date of CTGP convention.

7. (20 minutes): Potential CTGP candidates: discussion, speaker.

2. bring forth any proposals presented to EC for SCC meeting

Barbara Barry, secretary of CTGP