Minutes from the 2-28-06 SCC Meeting of CTGP, quorum was met.

Place: Portland Public Library, Wagner Room, 20 Freestone Avenue, Portland, CT

Phone: 860-342-6770 Time: 7PM to 8:55PM

Facilitator: Tim McKee

Voting Attendees:
Central: Vic Lancia; Fairfield: Paul Bassler and David Bedell;
Greater Hartford: Barbara Barry, Secretary of CTGP, Mike DeRosa, co-chairperson of CTGP, Rob Pandolfo;
New Haven: Mary Jo Deppisch; New London: Chris Nelson; Northeast: Jean deSmet and Chris Demont;
Tolland: Tim McKee; quorum was met.
Non-voting attendee: Jan Caudler.


1. Introductions of attendees and chapters.

2. Identify attendees who are NOT voting representatives.

3. Adopt ground rules.

4. Approval of tonight's proposed agenda: done, Additions: if/which anti-war demonstration to endorse and

Deletions: Presentation of Treasurer's monthly reports for: October/November/December and January and presentation of Treasurer's 3rd quarter and 4th quarter reports to Secretary of State's Office: due to lack of presence of treasurer of CTGP: Judy Herkimer or a deputy treasurer or any reports sent to EC or SCC; Women's Caucus report including 11-05 Modified Consensus Training; Budget Committee suggestions; and discussion about picketing the New Haven office of U.S. Representative Rosa DeLaura who has sponsored a Congressional bill against 3rd parties/minor parties. . U.S. Green Party report by CTGP representatives: Tim McKee.

5. Review and approval of 1-31-05 SCC minutes by consensus.

6. 2-13-06 EC meeting presentation by Barbara Barry and approved by consensus.


1. Internal Elections committee by Jean deSmet: Convention is 4-22-06: will use locked ballot. Paying for the election ballot was discussed: another communication to CTGP treasurer, Judy Herkimer, will be sent regarding treasurer's need to pay for CTGP internal elections mailing. We will use the election ballot to test for support for state wide candidates. This convention will not endorse the state-wide slate. Rather it is being used to elicit feedback from the greater body of the CTGP regarding each of the potential candidates on a state-wide slate. Then the convention feedback will be presented at the SCC meeting for discussion. Discussed state regulations when running state-wide candidates and what our CTGP bylaws require. Consencus regarding potential candidates for state-wide slate at the convention: each candidate will be voted on regarding being a candidate on the state-wide slate. As of yet, we, have no candidate for lt. governor or comptroller. David Bedell urges someone to run for congress. A fundraising letter will be in the internal elections mailing will include a list of CTGP activities over this past year. Chapters need to enlicit volunteers to run the convention. For internal elections: will include "none of the above" and will take nominations from the floor.

Motion by David Bedell passed by consensus: designate an endorsement review committee to submit a report on all the potential candidates for the state-wide slate and send to SCC and each chapter. Then the SCC will vote on each potential candidate at the next month's SCC meeting. People will be allowed to put themselves in nomination for state-wide slate, from the floor of the convention. But the SCC must vote to support each candidate.

Chapters need to send mailing lists to Jean deSmet.

Mike DeRosa: start the petitioning now for the state-wide slate. If need be, there are mechanisms to add or change names on the state-wide slate.

2. Chapter reports: Northeast: CT ACLU person, Roger Vann, will be speaking at 2pm on 3-18-06. Exact place to be determined.

Greater Hartford Chapter: fundraising dinner on March 2, 2006 at 7:30pm at the home of Steve and Ruth Fournier. All are welcome.

3. V.O.T.E.R.: Mike DeRosa: group is doing op-ed pieces.

Events: Discussion about endorsing the anti-war rallies on 3-18-06 in New Haven and and 3-19-06 in Hartford:

Concensus: Greens endorse to concept of anti-war so will endorse both events.

Meeting ended due to time (8:55PM).