Minutes from the 3-28-06 SCC meeting of CTGP

Place: Middletown Russell Public Library, Reading Room #1, 123 Broad Street, Middletown, CT 06457

Time: ***** 6:30PM to 8:30pm closure of the Library*****
Phone: 860-347-2528

Facilitator: Tim McKee Timekeeper: Vic Lancia

Voting Attendees:
Central: Vic Lancia and Steve Krevisky;
Fairfield: Paul Bassler and David Bedell;
Greater Hartford: Barbara Barry DeRosa and Michael DeRosa;
New Haven: Jerry Martin, Allan Brison-
Tolland: Tim McKee.
Non-voting attendees: none.

A. Preliminaries:

1. Introductions of attendees and chapters. Recruit timekeeper.

2. Identify attendees who are NOT voting representatives.

3. Adopt ground rules.

4. Approval of tonight's proposed agenda, additions: actions by Judy Herkimer, treasurer of CTGP and Thomas Sevigny;

deletions due to non quorum: review and approval of 2-28-06 SCC meeting; Review and approval of 3-13-06 EC meeting; presentation of Treasurer's monthly reports of: October, November, December, January and February by treasurer of CTGP: Judy Herkimer: Presentation of Treasurer's 3rd quarter and 4th quarter reports to the Secretary of State by CTGP treasurer, Judy Herkimer.

Proposal for independent, professional internal audit of CTGP by 5 CTGP members. Deletions due to lack of representation:

Women's Caucus report including 11-05 Modified Concencus Training. Deletion: budget committee suggestions; report from national representative to GPUS; V.O.T.E.R.due to time restraints.


1. Discussed actions of CTGP Treasurer: Judy Herkimer regarding her:

a) changing control of our CTGP/Chris Reilly post office box without permission to unknown person and related actions;

b) changing the CTGP checking account and added another checking account: without authorization and declines to provide the officers of this CTGP with current information since 10-05 SCC meeting which she attended;

c) making/honoring some CTGP payments but not others;

d) has not attended any CTGP meeting since 11-21-05 EC meeting at Torrington Town Hall;

e) has not advised EC or SCC of treasurer's activities.

f) declines to provide CTGP with a deputy treasurer since 5-23-05 EC meeting (her 1st as treasurer);

g) declines to pay for the CTGP 4-22-06 Convention or the mailing of ballots for internal officer election. (By CTGP bylaws, officers are only to remain in office for one year, then the CTGP must have another election. Last CTGP election was 4-05.);

h) presented a 5-7-05 document to the CT State Elections Enforcement Commission stating, incorrectly that Thomas Sevigny was current chairperson of CTGP. Thomas was last elected CTGP chairperson 3 years ago. Judy was a member of the CTGP internal elections committee which counted the CTGP convention ballots which elected herself to be treasurer, Co-chairpersons: Michael DeRosa, Aaron Gustafson and Kelly McCarthy and Barbara Barry DeRosa as secretary. Why did she present 4weeks later on 5-7-05, that someone whom was not elected to be chairperson in 4-05, was the chairperson?

2. Internal Elections committee by David Bedell: time and place of 4-22-06 convention Central CT State University or New Haven Labor/Teachers Council; Michael DeRosa will take a document to the Sec. of State Elections Enforcement Commission to notify the State that the CTGP will be having a convention, 4-22-06.

3. Chapter reports:

Central by Vic Lancia: Clift Thornton, potential candidate for governor for the CTGP is to speak at The Salon, at the Buttonwood Tree, 605 Main Street, Middletown, 06457 on 4-10-06 at 7PM about The War on Drugs.

New Haven by Jerry Martin and Allan Brison: chapter has sent out a newsletter to every registered Green and people whom meet the definition of being a member of CTGP over the past 2 years In the New Haven and Hamden areas. The chapter plans on using this as an updated list of New Haven Greens and to get up to date with every new registered Green in the area. And will get updated list of every registered Green, every month from register of voters. Jerry also indicated that New Haven is trying to develop a website for themselves. David Adams of the Shoreline Chapter of CTGP advised Allan that he is no longer functioning as a Green member.

Fairfield by David Bedell and Paul Bassler: someone might be interested in running for the U.S. 4th Congressional District and collecting petitions.

Fairfield's convention to endorse candidates will be in August 2006.

Greater Hartford by Michael DeRosa: had a fundraiser at the home of Steve and Ruth Fournier which raised $300. David Ianno might run for 1st State

Senatorial District. He also spoke at the anti-war rally as a Vietnam Veteran for Peace; we are still working on the food co-op; we attended both the New Haven and Hartford anti-war demonstrations; Ben Manski is to speak at a Clash Collective event at UCONN this weekend.

Discussed that the following chapters have dissolved: West Hartford in June of 2004, and Shoreline apparently after 6-05 SCC meeting and New Britain after 11-05 elections. Discussed lack of participation since 11-29-05SCC meeting of the Northwest, and West chapters. Hamden attends irregularly.

Barbara Barry: Neither the EC nor the SCC adopted the use of 'probation" of a chapter. Rather it was the personal suggestion/email of Kelly McCarthy while she was co-chairperson of the CTGP. However, she never made it as a proposal to the EC or SCC. Last meetings Kelly attended was the 8-30-06 SCC. She then resigned as co-chairperson around 11-11-05. Aaron Gustafson last attended the 7-06 SCC meeting. The last EC meeting they attended was 7-11-06.