Minutes from the 7-10-06 EC meeting of CTGP in Willimantic, CT

El Palenque Restaurant, 1172 Main Street, Willimantic, CT , 06226 Phone: 860-423-6011 7PM to 9PM

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Jean deSmet from Northeast Chapter, Mike DeRosa, Greater Hartford Chapter; Treasurer, Christopher Reilly, Greater Hartford, Secretary, Barbara Barry and Ken Krayeske, paid campaign coordinator. Absent: Michael Westerfield who was out-of-state.

1. Discuss/review/refine our petition drive for our state-wide candidates: KK: have 8601 signed petitions;

Have been reviewed 1090 and certified 800. Suggest maintaining our goal of 13, 000 to 15,000 signatures.

2. Status of current CTGP candidates: KK: New London Chapter will not endorse a candidate for the 2nd Congressional District. Richard Duffee will be requesting the endorsement of the Fairfield Chapter to run as a candidate in the 4th Congressional District. KK: I believe that he should not run and will tell Fairfield Chapter at their 7-11-06 convention of my concerns that it would hurt the Democratic candidate, Diane Farrell.

Jean/Barbara/Chris and Mike: we hear your recommendation as a paid campaign coordination.

However: per CTGP bylaws and procedures, if a person comes forward seeking to run as a CTGP candidate, and if the appropriate CTGP chapter endorses said candidate after vetting him/her, and if the state CTGP also endorses said candidate, then that person can run as a CTGP candidate. Therefore, we will allow the Fairfield Chapter to decide if they wish to endorse Richard Duffee, as a candidate for the 4th Congressional District seat.

KK: Betsy Reina is unable to run for lt. governor.

Events: KK: Cliff Thornton has almost daily events. Mike: please arrange/provide the option for all the state-wide candidates to be at as many of these events, as possible. Please contact all the candidates to allow the opportunity for our state-wide candidates to participate in events, if possible.

KK: will be available for paid campaign work after the petitioning drive while he goes to law school full time.

3. Potential financial support for CTGP candidates: Fundraisers: a) Ralph Nader has agreed to participate in 2 fundraisers: one in July or August and the other in September or October. b) Steve Fournier has agreed to do 1 or 2 fundraisers at his Hartford home: one of which might be a pizza/beer party.

4. CTGP website status: Chris Reilly had done the face page and will continue to be webmaster with

Michael Westerfield. Information/people interested in CTGP from the GPUS website is passed along to Ed Dubrule. Ed then disburses that information to the appropriate person: CTGP treasurer or Secretary or current CTGP co-webmasters: Christopher Reilly and Michael Westerfield.

KK: Chris Nelson or someone in New London may want to keep this central database list of people interested in the CTGP. Chris will need $400 to get the software to do this on his Mac computer. The chapters will need to provide this central contact with a list of such people who a) work as contacts with other organizations; b) work only during campaigns; c) only work on election day; d) people who will carry petitions; e) donors; etc.

5. CT Green Times newspaper status: Mike: 2 articles have been submitted. I still need articles from all our candidates and from our paid campaign coordinator. Also need articles from chapters about their positions/concerns. Mike: estimated date it will be going to publisher and availability for distribution: as soon as I get the articles. Distribution will remain with Albert Marceau.

6. Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly: sent the 2nd quarter report to the CT Secretary of State via paper and will return to electronic reporting. $1000/week salary to Ken Krayeske is from CTGP monies.

7. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT "campaign finance reform" law: Mike: was announced at press conference last week.

8. Agenda for 7-25-06 SCC meeting: similar to 6-06 SCC meeting. Mike to contact Vic Lancia regarding getting the Portland Library for SCC meeting.