Minutes from the 1-2-07 EC meeting in Willimantic @ 7:30pm

Place: Fiesta Cinco Demayo Restaurant, 1228 Main Street, Willimantic, CT P: 860-423-9509

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Jean DeSmet and Mike DeRosa; Treasure: Christopher Reilly; Secretary: Barbara Barry. Also: Tim McKee, GPUS representative.

1.CT Green Times newspaper status: Theme for the newspaper: our historic 11-07 campaigns/election. Will be printed by Eric DeVos who purchased a printer

Which can print a full page newspaper, book or magazine. He is willing to incur the cost of the paper and ink in addition to doing the printing himself. Articles are still needed from chapters about their positions,concerns, meeting schedules, contact person. Distribution process for possible fine tuning by Albert Marceau who has designated distribution sites established. Chapters are welcome to also distribute the newspaper.

Hope to have the newspaper in about 10-14 days. Will not have ads and no free ads per election regulations…per Christopher Reilly. Will include a coupon for donation to CTGP.

JdS: we may wish to consider paying Eric something for the paper and ink.

2. 12-06 Treasurer's report from Christopher Reilly: about $1800.

3. Patricia Kane’s request/proposal for a Bylaws Committee at the 11-28-06 SCC meeting. BB: per CTGP bylaws, a proposal must be presented by either the majority of a chapter or 5 CTGP members. PK’s proposal was from herself and not from the Fairfield Chapter. Therefore, the vote at the 11-28-06 SCC meeting cannot be considered a valid committee. It needs to be represented in accordance with our bylaws.

4. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT "campaign finance reform" law: the 12-18-06 hearing did not happen; no known rescheduled date. The contractors have a separate lawsuit against the law.

5. GPUS updates: Tim McKee: basically the national party wants/needs money from the states. There are openings on committees that CT can fill. In theory, each state can put 2 people on the same committee such as the Coordinating Committee (which sets up campaign workshops across the country).

There is no clarity about: a) how long one can be on a committee; if a state

Can require it’s committee member to vote a certain way; what are non-voting

Committee members. The Fairfield Chapter is proposing that Richard Duffee be on the International Committee.

6. CTGP website: Christopher Reilly will send key to Eric DeVos.

7. BB: need on the SCC agenda: Internal Elections Committee (Jean DeSmet, Caleb Kleppner (to do the IRV), Jerry Martin, Andy Derr) to start working on the 4-07 CTGP convention including: date and place; speaker.

8. Mike DeRosa, Andy Derr and Tim McKee to work on the budget.

9. Political issues we want to address: as per the 11-28-06 SCC meeting.

10. Place and agenda for 1-9-07 SCC meeting: Vic Lancia is still working on it.

11. Place of next SCC meeting scheduled for 1-30-07.