Minutes of the 5-29-07 SCC meeting of the Green Party of CT, quorum met.

Place: EAST ROCK MAGNET SCHOOL Library on Willow Street, New Haven, CT. 7:35PM to 9PM

Voting attendees by chapters:
Fairfield: David Bedell, Paul Bassler and Richard Duffee;
Greater Hartford: Barbara Barry, Secretary of GP of CT; Mike DeRosa, Co-chairperson of GP of CT; Christopher Reilly, Treasurer of GP of CT;
New Haven: Jerry Martin and Peter Karman.
No non-voting attendees.
Facilitator: Jerry Martin

A. Preliminaries:

1. Introductions of voting attendees; non-voting attendees; chapters; quorum was met; timekeeper; ground rules.

2. Approval of tonight's proposed agenda; deletions: internal elections committee as no member was present to present a report of the voting/results of the 4-21-07 Convention of the Green Party of CT; GPUS reports due to lack of reps; and no chapter reports; no additions.

3. Review and approval of minutes of 3-27-07 SCC meeting.

4. Review and acceptance of minutes from the 5-9-07 EC meeting.

5. Treasurer's report by Christopher Reilly: balance about $1317. We received a donation via the GPUS which was 40% of the entire donation…as per the new GPUS process of donation sharing. Treasurer advised that the fee for electronic donations is $25.20 per month, which is greater than the typical monthly electronic donations. So the treasurer has decided to try, on a trial basis, using a system used by Steve Fournier (Greater Hartford Chapter). Steve will charge a 5% fee per month of any electronic donation. .

B. Proposals from the Executive Committee:

* EC Proposal for chapter building: to enhance chapter building: perhaps one or more of the GP of CT officers could go to chapters, one at a time to help chapter build, if a chapter requests. This will only at the request of the chapters. The GP of CT and chapters could do ads to announce meetings on: radios such as ESCU, Wesleyan, UCONN and on community TV shows. The EC is seeking clarification from this SCC body if this would be something that they would wish to have done at their chapters. If the chapters are agreeable, the officers will continue this pursuit. Consensus acquired.

* EC Proposal for part-time fundraiser position: EC is seeking SCC approval. Goal: to enhance the fundraising potential for the GP of CT. Potential candidates would be encouraged to submit their resumes by the time of the 6-26-07 SCC meeting. A Hiring Committee (EC officers) is to review/vet potential candidates and submit their names to the next SCC meeting for potential approval. Goals of this position can be clarified by the SCC along with any applicable commission and/or salary.

Consensus acquired about: a) EC is to develop the job description to be presented at the 6-26-07 SCC meeting; b) defer the submission of any resumes until after 6-26-07 SCC meeting and c) the fundraiser will notify the local chapters, in a timely manner, of any potential or actual planned/scheduled fundraising events in the individual chapters; c) EC to vet/review candidates.

* EC Proposal for Platform Committee: re-constitute this committee to help work on the positions of the GP of CT. Platform positions are subject to the approval of the SCC.

Consensus acquired. Committee to include: David Bedell and Richard Duffee. Other members of GP of CT may also come forth.

* EC Proposal for Strategy Committee: re-constitute this committee to help with processes of the GP of CT. Proposed processes are subject to the approval of the SCC.

Consensus included putting procedures on the website. Committee to include: Jerry Martin, Mike DeRosa and Richard Duffee. Other members of the GP of CT may also come forth.

* EC Proposal for structure of future SCC meetings: a discussion of 10 Key Values and invited speakers: have one of our 10 Key Values discussed for a minute or two at each SCC meeting. This could enhance or enlighten members various thoughts about a value and can be tied into the work (of a re-constituted) Platform Committee. It may open the opportunity to learning, from attendees, if other groups are out there working on Key Value type issues which the GP of CT may wish to join. Consensus acquired.

* EC is looking into having speakers at SCC meetings to educate or update SCC attendees about issues or concerns to the GP. Consensus.

* Resolution to impeach Bush and Cheney from Richard Duffee/Greater Hartford Chapter. RD: not all CT towns allow binding or non-binding resolutions so promoters of this resolution are putting out flyers about the resolution. Flyers also provide names of contacts to develop networks. Town meetings are being done to impeach. To present to Congress, one does have to present there are grounds for impeachment. Goal: towns pass resolutions which are presented to their state legislatures then presented to Congress. To be released to and press. Consensus. .

C. Reports:

1. Political issues the GP of CT is addressing with legislators during the 2007 Legislative Session: Fight the Hike and medical marijuana were discussed by all.

2. GPUS updates/reports/ status of our GPUS from CTGP representatives: Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury and International Committee Rep: Richard Duffee.

3. CT Green Times: MD: not published due to the lack of articles.

4. GP of CT Website: MD: Eric DeVos is working on changing the format. CR: I have renewed the website domain for 3 more years after 4-07.

5. ACLU lawsuit: MD: there will be a 6-6-07 hearing in Bridgeport regarding the State of CT request for summary judgment i.e. throw out the lawsuit. Others taking the position of the State of CT: CCAG, Common Cause and Thomas Sevigny, former: Green Party member, State co-chairperson and National Co-chairperson. If the judge does allow the hearing to go forth, then both sides will be questioning each other, under oath. The ACLU has two (2) new attorneys on the lawsuit. The ACLU’s research found that 40% of CT elections do not have any opponents.

6. Date, place and time of next EC meeting in 7-07: To be determined.

7. Date, place and time for next SCC meeting 6/26/07: to be determined but likely to be Middletown or Portland location.

8. Additions: Consensus: GP of CT authorizes $100 to Richard Duffee’s expenses to go to the GPUS convention in Reading, PA on 7-12-07.