Minutes from the 7-23-07 EC meeting of CTGP in Glastonbury, CT.

Luna's Pizza, 88 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, p: 860-659-2136 Time: 7:30PM to 9PM

Attendees: Barbara Barry, Secretary of GP of CT; Cliff Thornton, Co-chairperson of GP of CT and Mike DeRosa, Co-chairperson of GP of CT. Timothy McKee, one of two GP of CT representatives to GPUS.

Absent: Jean deSmet: Co-chairperson of GP of CT. and Christopher Reilly, Treasurer of GP of CT

Facilitator: Barbara Barry

1. Job description for the GP of CT fundraiser as proposed by MD and this EC. Tim and Mike reaffirmed their desire to be on the Fundraising Committee of GP of CT. Tim suggested that: an annual dinner with silent auction could be a fundraising vehicle. This could be done for the whole state or regions of the GP of CT. Fundraising Committee should develop long-term strategies and work with the Budget Committee. GP of CT should evaluate the possible use of: merchandizing, union-made items; order cards and sustainable giving.

2. Results of political actions by the GP of CT with the CT legislature; issues GP of CT wants to address in 2008: CT: medical mariguana was defected so in 2008, legalization of it will be presented by the coalitions.

3. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT “campaign finance reform” law: Judge Underwood has not made a decision regarding summary judgment.

4. CTGP website: BB: Christopher Reilly is trying to save/renew one of our websites.

5. CT Green Times newspaper status: MD: Will be for the 7-31-07 SCC meeting for distribution; Tim to work with Cliff about a series of articles in the CT Green Times about Cliff's experiences as a Green Party candidate for Governor in 2006 and it relevance for 2008 campaigns.

6. GPUS issues: Tim will provide a list of GPUS committees and advise where there are openings for CT Greens to join.

7. 7-12-07 GPUS Convention in Reading, PA: BB: on 7-4-07 the EC received an email from Charlie Pillsbury (GPUS rep. from GP of CT) advising that minutes ago, the GPUS voted to allow more state delegates to the GPUS Convention in 7 days time. Three more delegates were authorized for CT (in addition to Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury, GP of CT representatives to GPUS). Due to time constraints, there was no time to call and have an emergency SCC meeting. Therefore, the EC members called and e-mailed one another to elicit names of people who could be the 3 additional delegates. The EC finally decided to authorize the following people: Cliff Thornton and S. Michael DeRosa, both of whom are Co-chairpersons of the GP of CT and Richard Duffee, GP of CT member of the International Committee of GPUS. All three people attended and participated in the convention. Cliff, Mike and Tim will provide feedback about the convention at the 7-31-07 SCC meeting. Hopefully, Charlie Pillsbury and Richard Duffee will also do so at the 7-31-07 SCC meeting

8. Place of next EC meeting scheduled for 8-07: to be determined.

9. Place for next SCC meeting 7-31-07 SCC meeting is the Portland Senior Center.

10. Any proposals in addition to those from Process and Procedure Committee members.