Approved minutes from the 9-25-07 SCC meeting of Green Party of CT, quorum met.

Middletown’s Russell Public Library, Reading Room 3, 123 Broad Street, Middletown, CT 06457

860-347-2528 Time: 6:30PM to 8:30PM.

Voting attendees by chapter:
Central: Beth Adams; Fairfield: Richard Duffee and Harold Burbank;
Greater Hartford: Barbara Barry, Secretary of GP of CT and S. Michael DeRosa, Co-chairperson of GP of CT; Manchester at 6:50PM: Tim McKee;
New Haven: Jerry Martin and Charlie Pillsbury;
Northeast: Amy Vas Nunes; Cliff Thornton Co-chairperson of GP of CT.

Non-Green Party Observer: Sherron Adrian from Hamden.

Facilitator: Cliff Thornton

A. Preliminaries:

1. Introductions of voting attendees; non-voting attendees: Harold Burbank and Sherron Adrian; chapters noted; quorum was met; timekeeper; Charlie Pillsbury; ground rules.

2. Approval of tonight’s proposed agenda: no deletions. Additions: JM suggested but no consensus was reached regarding: a) approved minutes to be so noted in another way on the listserv; b) need minutes to be put on-line prior to SCC review and/or approval c) need a list of chapter contact people; SH: I want to present our predicament in Hamden: I found out in my local newspaper that Kelly McCarthy is no longer running as a Green Party Candidate for Mayor of Hamden due to her mother’s illness..

3. Minutes of 8-28-07 SCC meeting were deferred due to need for more than the SCC allotted time to review.

4. Review and acceptance of minutes from the 9-17-07 EC meeting.

5. Treasurer’s report: presented by BAB due to absence of the Treasurer: Christopher Reilly.

BAB: per Treasurer’s report at 9-17-07 EC Meeting: balance is $1243.

B. Policies and Procedures Committee: JM: the following was approved by consensus:

Officer Responsibilities: All officers must sign a statement at a time of their election or prior to the first official or informal action, stating that they will represent the Green Party, its values and platform to the best of their ability. They will keep all Green Party disputes within the party or appropriate third party e.g. Secretary of State, legal, insurance, GPUS, ACLU, or per applicable law or regulations. They will surrender all Party documents, keys, equipment and access rights to their successors. They will relinquish all rights to represent the party in all matters pertaining to the Secretary of the State’s Office, the Federal Election Commission and the U.S. Postal Service.

Party Co-chairpersons: shall conduct meetings of the Executive Committee; shall conduct or appoint a facilitator for the State Central Committee and Executive Committee meetings; shall in person or through a designee approved by the State Central Committee, represent the Party at meeting(s) or in discussions with individuals and groups outside of the Party.

Treasurer: Upon election the treasurer will complete all forms required by the State and Federal Governments, to operate the treasury and agree to relinquish that right at the completion of his/her term. The Treasurer shall receive all dues, contributions and other income. Shall establish or take possession of any existing bank accounts into which all receipts shall be promptly deposited within 10 calendar days or as per regulations. Promptly make payment for all duly authorized by the State Central Committee in a timely manner as long as funds are available. The Treasurer with the concurrence of at least one co-chairperson may make emergency expenditures of up to $100.00 without prior State Central Committee approval, subject to their subsequent review. Maintain financial records in accordance with sound accounting practice and publish monthly statements of initial and final assets, income and expenditures. A statement of the funds reserved for use by the chapters should also be a part of this report. Control the utilization of credit card and on-line services involved with contributions. The Treasurer is an Ex-Officio member of the Finance committee. The Treasurer must have access to the Party Post Office Box. No contributions can be accepted from Political Action Committees or other political parties by the Green Party of CT.

Secretary: The Secretary shall take minutes as required by State Central Committee. Maintain a record of all correspondence and information transmitted through any printed or printable medium to or from the Party, including material between Chapters or Chapters and Party. Forward outgoing material to its addressee and incoming or internal material to the appropriate action party or group. Establish, maintain and periodically publish a list of information and data that may be of value to members and groups within the Party. Filing or storage of material shall be responsibility of the originator or action recipient. To re-review Secretary responsibilities at next SCC meeting.

Co-chairpersons: Plan and schedule meetings, moderate and appoint suitable moderators, recruit qualified committee members, and submit timely status and progress reports to the State Central Committee as required by the State Central Committee. Inform and advise the State Central Committee in a timely manner, regarding subjects for which their Committee is responsible.

Committees of the State Central Committee: All committees serve at the pleasure of the State Central Committee and can be created or dissolved at any time. Committee members must be members of the Green Party of CT. Committee members and their chairs are appointed or approved by the State Central Committee. These appointments must be reviewed annually. Reappointment is at the digression of the State Central Committee. The duties and responsibilities of all committees are set by the State Central Committee. Function of the Committee Chair: To schedule all meetings of the committee and to submit to the State Central Committee written timely reports e.g. at the next SCC meeting, on the activities of the Committee. The Chair will also be responsible for the preparation of all reports authorized by the Committee, and whenever consensus can not be reached, to make the objections of the members a part of that report.

Every Committee Function must be authorized by the State Central Committee which had a quorum of chapters.

Finance Committee: To plan and oversee the raising of funds by and for the Party. To develop and submit to the State Central Committee for approval by May 15th each year, an Annual Budget for the operation of the Party. That budget should be based on reasonable expectations of revenue and expenses reflecting the priorities of the State Central Committee. To periodically report to the State Central Committee on compliance with the budget plan. Membership in the Finance Committee: Green Party of CT Treasurer, is ex-officio; other Green Party members are appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for terms to expire at the scheduled State Central Committee each May of the year; a new Committee Chair may be appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for terms expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year.

By-Law: To develop and submit on a periodic basis any suggested by-laws, to the State Central Committee to accept or reject, in a timely fashion; must sent back to the active chapters for feedback then present at the next

State Central Committee after chapter review, which may recommend moderations. Membership: Green Party members are appointed by the State Central Committee for terms to expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year. Committee Chair is appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for terms that expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year.

Platform: Draft platform recommendations for the adoption of the State Central Committee; Committee Membership: Members are appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for terms that expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year. Committee Chair: is appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for at term which expires at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year..

Process and Procedure: create a policy and procedure book for the use of the State Central Committee, Committees and Officers. These policies are for the purpose of the efficient operation of the Green Party of CT in compliance with the Party by-laws and applicable laws and regulations. Membership: members are appointed or

approved by the State Central Committee for terms to expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting each May of the year. Committee chair: appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for a term which expires at the scheduled State Central Committee, at each May of the year.

Data Management: maintain membership lists and other database at the request of the State Central Committee. Membership: Green Party of CT Secretary is ex-officio. Other members are appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for terms to expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year. Committee Chair: appointed or approved by the State Central Committee for a term to expire at the scheduled State Central Committee meeting, each May of the year.

C. Reports:

1. Impeachment of Bush/Cheney; RD presented a rationale: Basic Rationale: only 20-21 Representatives of the House have signed House Resolution 333. A number signed resolutions to impeach Bush in the previous term, but those resolutions are inactive and the signers know they are, so I believe we can safely say that no more than 21 Representatives are currently demanding impeachment. Because both Bush and Cheney have clearly committed high crimes and misdemeanors and perhaps treason, at the least 414 Representatives are violating their oaths of office in failing to demand impeachment of Cheney---and all of them for failing to demand the impeachment of Bush. Because the minimal requirement for running for Congress should be that a candidate keep his or her oath of office, or gives good evidence of intending to, every congressional candidate who does not demand impeachment should be accused of failing to meet that minimal requirement and should have to face a candidate who meets it. The Green Party can do a great service by providing candidate who support impeachment The SCC should advocate having impeachment candidates in all five CT Congressional Districts. An impeachment candidacy should have two effects: 1) it should make all opponents know that they will lose votes if they do not support impeachment and 2) it should educate the public so that they begin to understand that the reason that Congress does not make progress on other significant issues is that its unwillingness to impeach. It also reveals a basic choice for empire over republic.

Required Labor and Resources: To have these two effects, an impeachment candidate has to be able to get onto the ballot and into the debates. The basic requirements are: 1) validated signatures from 1% of the number of voters in the 2006 election. This normally requires about 5000 raw signatures. 2) the 5000 raw signatures will normally require about 500 hours of volunteer time. 3) the League of Women Voters will feel comfortable if it can be proven that at least 50 volunteers have given time. 4) the Federal Government considers one a candidate only if one has collected at least $5000 in donations. 5) the League of Women Voters will want to see that these donations have come from at least 50 people, but the greater the number the better. It would be best to have a receipt system while petitioning. We can ask for a dollar or more.

We must assume that our activities are known to the other parties. In any district where the other parties do not believe we can meet these 5 requirements, we must assume that the other parties will not take our candidacies seriously because they will believe that they will not need to answer us in debates or will not have to confront us on a ballot. Because in such districts, other parties will not take our candidacies seriously, we will have no effect on the willingness of other candidates to support impeachment or on their chances in the election if they do not.

Effect on other campaigns: The statewide petition needs only 7,500 validated signatures; last year our initial goal was 15,000 raw signatures; 13,000 turned out to be more than enough. If the statewide petition is carried (in the group) with the local congressional petition, we should have collected the necessary signatures well before we have the congressional signatures. Then we can carry local petitions with the congressional petitions.

Time Line: The earlier we act, the better. The earlier we nominate candidates, the greater the likelihood that we will be able to compel Democrats, and perhaps some Republicans, to support impeachment. It would be best if we could nominate congressional candidates in October (2007). We MUST have everything in place by January 2008 when the Secretary of State makes petitions available. That is, we must have for each congressional district: 1) 5 candidates, 2) 5 campaign committees, 3) 5 campaign managers, 4) 5 treasurers, 5) 5 bank accounts, 6) 5 websites, 7) designated: phone number, email address and office.

Definition of Impeachment Candidacy: The exact terms of nation-wide impeachment candidacies for each Congressional District will have to vary district to district depending on the positions and characters of opponents and constituents. In some districts, it may be best to keep open the promise that one will relent if an opponent co-sponsors impeachment resolutions. In others, it may be best to sunn all out no matter what. Others may be at different positions in between. We should be as clear as possible about our position in each district and the reasons for it. My own first priority is impeachment. I will adopt the position that I believe will maximize the chances of impeachment. Because Congressman Shays is the incumbent in the 4th Congressional District, I will need to define exactly what he will need to do to be satisfied that he is acting in the interests of impeachment. Harold Burbank has a different problem in the 5th Congressional District because Congressman Christopher Murphy, can co-sponsor H. Res 333 if he wants to, which makes his failing to do so more significant. Candidates in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Congressional Districts have other problems. Congressman Larson, 1st District Representative, is the only CT Rep. in the Out of Iraq Coalition. Impeachment candidates might want to make an opponent’s membership in that Coalition a pre-requisite to their bowing out, or make pledging to vote against any more funds a prerequisite, or signing onto bills to rescind the constitutional damage of Bush and Cheney have done, or signing bills to reduce presidential war-making powers, or to require obedience to international laws, etc.

Despite the range of ambiguity outlined in the four previous paragraphs, nation-wide impeachment candidacies can be defined by four criteria. An impeachment candidate must make the opposition aware that we:

1) can get on the ballot;

2) can get into the debates,

3) will be raising the issue of impeachment at every opportunity, and

4) will only relent upon proof of co-sponsorship of 333 ( in all districts) or adequate guarantees of demands for impeachment and other closely related positions, if at all.

RD: as a member of the GPUS GPAX Standing Committee, I have become the point person nation-wide about impeachment. Our goal is to strive for an impeachment candidate in every state.

CT: this needs to be approved by the SCC and sent to the chapters for their own review to accept or approve.

Vote: 6 approved; 3 were opposed. Vote carried to be sent to Chapters.

2. Reports about and from the candidates: a) SA: I am from HART (Hamden Alliance for Responsible Taxation). I am not a Green Party member. However, our group endorsed Kelly McCarthy, Green Party member for Hamden Mayor. Our concern is: can the Green Party do anything to replace her? SMD: per state law, the Green Party can replace her. However, we do not know of anyone who would be willing to do so. b) Harold Burbank, of Canton, would be interested in running in the 5th Congressional District as a Green Party Candidate. He is an attorney and former Assistant Attorney General in Maine.

3. GPUS reports from CTGP representatives: CP: the GPUS wants to know if the SCC of GP of CT wants to endorse three more voters to the GPUS Standing Committees until the spring of 2008. and we need to a

transparent process for the delegates to the convention in the spring of 2008. TMc: the GPUS is working on who is to be a delegate at the GPUS Nominating Convention during the 2nd weekend in July 2008. Need to clarify how a delegate will be obliged to vote. Charlie and I are trying to find out how each GPUS Standing Committee vets members as different committees have different processes.

4. Political issues the GP of CT has addressed with legislators during the 2008 Legislative Session: BAB: Fight the Hike is still meeting and planning to take concerns to legislators. CT: we are talking about legalizing marijuana and addressing proposals to have prisons in Meriden and Hamden. SMD: we need a Green Party of CT Task Force to put together our specific issues and concerns for 2008.

5. Our websites: SMD: Eric DeVos to increase his work on the website in 10-07.

6. CT Green Times: SMD: I only have 4 articles so it will not be coming out until more are provided.

7. Fundraiser position: SMD: only received one response. That person resided in Asia..

8. ACLU lawsuit: SMD: as a plaintiff, I am scheduled to meet with the ACLU in about two weeks.

9. Chapter reports:

* Greater Hartford: SMD: David Ionno is running for Hartford City Council. Steve Fournier is

Seriously considering running against Congressman Larson. Both are running as Green Party candidates.

* Northeast: AVN: Jean deSmet is running for 1st Selectperson of Willimantic. She is not running as a Green Party Candidate but rather as an Independent with a Coalition of Democrats and Republicans.

* New Haven: CP: we have the following Green Party Candidates: Ralph Ferrucci is running for New Haven Mayor and for Alderman positions: Allan Brison in the 10th Ward and Daniel Sumrall in the 7th Ward. Our next New Haven Chapter meeting is on 10-11-07, where we could potentially replace Kelly McCarthy’s now vacant candidate position.

* Fairfield: RD: David Bedell for Constable and Clausel Berrouet, Jr. for Board of Education.

HB: Tom Sevigny has advised me that there is no active Green Party in Canton, where I live. I am a Human Rights lawyer, a former Assistant Attorney General in Maine; am a graduate from the University of New Hamsphire Law School. I want to run as a Green Party Candidate for the 5th Congressional District.

10. Date, place and time for next SCC meeting 10-30-07 and date, place and time of next EC meeting in 10-07.

11. Any additions: a) AVN: chapters are not visible. BAB: I would be willing to write to the prolonged absent chapters such as the Northwest Chapter, West Chapter and Shoreline Chapter and the Womens Caucus. Consensus: the Secretary is the write the Northwest, West and Shoreline Chapters and the Women’s Causus and request that, per bylaws, they provide the State Central Committee of Green Party of CT with their status since their last presence at the SCC two years ago. Specifically the SCC is seeking: any/all dates of meetings with dates and minutes of these meetings and list of attendees. b) SMD: