Minutes from the 10-16-07 EC meeting of CTGP in Glastonbury, CT.

Luna’s Pizza, 88 Hebron Avenue, Glastonbury, CT 06033, p: 860-659-2136 Time: 7:00PM to 8PM

Attendees by chapter:
Co-chairpersons: S. Michael DeRosa, Greater Hartford Chapter and Cliff Thornton; Secretary: Barbara Barry,
Greater Hartford Chapter; Treasurer: Christopher Reilly, Greater Hartford Chapter.
Absent: Jean deSmet, co-chairperson.
No observers.

Set agenda for 10-30-07 SCC meeting which might include but not limited to:

1. CT Green Times newspaper status: SMD: the writers, editor and publisher will likely have an edition for prior to the 11-6-07 elections and another edition after the election.

2. Results of political actions by the GP of CT with the CT legislature; issues GP of CT wants to address in

2008: deferred.

3. ACLU lawsuit regarding the 2005 CT “campaign finance reform” law: SMD: Mark Lopez and an assistant will be working for us via the ACLU. Two Hartford law firms wanted to assist the ACLU on our behalf but CT Attorney General Blumenthal denied their request. I had a 1-on-! Meeting with the ACLU as a designated plaintiff. We discussed why I and the Green Party believe the 2005 CT Campaign Finance Law would be harmful for minor parties and fairness and democracy. That is how prior Green Party

Candidates had to get on the ballot and how it is likely to be 10-20x worse. ACLU was interested in

New Haven’s municipal campaign finance process, so we got Ralph Ferrucci on the phone to discuss

his perceptions.

4. CTGP website: no news.

5. Treasurer’s report from Christopher Reilly: have $1516.

6. Requests to be on GPUS committees: this EC group reaffirmed that the 7-31-07 SCC meeting of this party affirmed that the following were approved delegates at the 7-07 Reading, PA GPUS meeting and may be representatives on GPUS Standing Committees: S. Michael DeRosa and Cliff Thornton, co-chairpersons of the Green Party of CT and Richard Duffee. This information had not gotten to the GPUS. Cliff Thornton is interested in running for a co-chairperson vacancy in the GPUS and this information must be conveyed by a representative person, such as the Secretary or GPUS Representatives to Holly Hart with GPUS. The Secretary will email Holly Hart, at the GPUS by the Friday, 10-19-07 deadline.

7. Responses from chapters: BAB: none have been received.

8. Any proposals? e.g. from Process and Procedure Committee members: BAB: none as of this time.

9. Addition: a) SMD: the United for Peace and Justice demonstration on 10-27-07 in Boston, MA is seeking the endorsement of the Green Party of CT. Since this demonstration will be prior to our next SCC meeting (10-30-07) these EC officers unanimously endorse this event.

b) CT: I will continue to meet with the League of Women Voters and former Democratic Senatorial

Candidate, Ned Lamont to discuss drug policies and election plans.

c) CT: Cynthia McKinney is still interested in running for President for the Green Party contrary to previous emails.

d) SMD: there appear to be candidates interested in being Green Party Candidates for all CT Congressional

districts for the 2008 elections: Richard Duffee in 4th District; Harold Burbank in the 5th District;

Scott Deshefy: a retired CT EPA person who continues to have his classical music show on

University of Hartford Radio wants to run for the 2nd District and Steve Fournier of Hartford to

challenge Congressman John Larson in the 1st District. No known candidate for the 3rd District.

e) BAB: is there any way this state Party can provide some money to the 2007 Green Party

Candidates? Consensus: no money is available at this time to do so.

10. Place of next scheduled 11-13-07 EC meeting and place for next 11-27-07 SCC meeting:

To be determined