Accepted minutes from the 7:15PM to 8:15PM, 5-19-08 EC meeting of the CTGP

Location: Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, 848 Cottage Grove Road, Bloomfield, CT 06002 P: 860/766-9401

Attendees: Co-chairpersons of CTGP: Steven Fournier, Greater Hartford Chapter; Mike DeRosa, Greater Hartford Chapter;

Treasurer: Christopher Reilly, Greater Hartford Chapter, Secretary: Barbara Barry, Greater Hartford Chapter.

Absent: Phoebe Godfrey, Co-chairperson of CTGP. Observers: none.

1. Any business/concerns from last EC meeting on 3-19-08?

Petitioning for our CTGP candidates and the GPUS candidates is a priority.

2. Any proposed short and long term goals for the CTGP by the executive committee officers?

Generic CTGP pamphlets: are being done by Phoebe Godfrey; printing: via candidates or chapters or Eric DeVos.

Consider a paid fundraiser for CTGP.

Consider a paid petitioner.

Encourage: events: more movie nights/events.

3. Develop the agenda for the 5-27-08 SCC meeting. Template is below.

Proposed agenda for the 7PM 5-27-08 SCC CTGP meeting in Portland Senior Center,

7 Waverley Avenue, Portland, CT 06480 Phone: 860-342-6760

Facilitator: To Be Determined

A. Preliminaries:

1. (1 minute): Introductions of voting/non-voting attendees; chapters; if quorum was met; timekeeper; ground rules.

2. (2-4 minutes): Approval of tonight’s proposed agenda, any deletions or additions.

3. (2-4 minutes): Review and approval of minutes of 3-25-08 SCC meeting.

4. (2 minutes): Review and acceptance of the 5-19-08 EC meeting.

5. (2-4 minutes): Treasurer’s report from Christopher Reilly.

B. Any proposals/referendums by chapters, committee (none provided to Secretary as of 5-19-08.)

C. Reports:

1. (10-15 minutes): GPUS reports from: Cliff Thornton, Co-chairperson of GPUS, CTGP representatives: Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury and National Committee Members: Amy Vas Nunes and S. Michael DeRosa.

2. (5 minutes): Final report about the 4-26-08 CTGP Convention from the Internal Elections Committee: final votes for the candidates for GP of CT officers and GPUS Representatives; results from CTGP members voting about who is their desired GPUS Presidential candidate; criteria for voting the endorsed presidential candidates; chapters need to respond by next SCC meeting about who wants to be delegates; delegates to GPUS 7-08 Convention will be vetted at 6-24-08 SCC meeting.

3. (5-10 minutes): Steven Fournier, endorsed 1st Congressional District CTGP candidate; petitioning; campaign issues.

4. (5-10 minutes): Scott Deshefy, endorsed 2nd Congressional District CTGP candidate: petitioning; campaign issues.

5. (2-10 minutes): Any endorsed candidate for the 3rd Congressional District line.

6. (5-10 minutes): Richard Duffee, endorsed 4th Congressional District CTGP candidate; petitioning; campaign issues.

7. (2-10 minutes): Harold Burbank, potential Green Party of CT candidate for 5th Congressional District; petitioning sheets for the petitioning candidates, campaign issues.

8. (5 minutes): Final report of issues/concerns that were addressed with legislators during the 2008 Legislative Session: Fight the Hike/universal health coverage.

9. (5 minute): ACLU lawsuit update.

10. (2 minutes): CT Green Times newspaper and CT Green Times on website.

11. (15 minutes): Consider: Paid petitioner; Paid fundraiser; No summer Intern for GP of CT.

12. (2-5 minutes, each): Other Chapter reports.

13. Place of next SCC meeting at 7pm 6-24-08. Date, place and time of next EC meeting in 6-08: to be determined.

14. Any additions