Minutes from the 8PM 1-19-09 EC CTGP meeting at 74 Tremont Street, Hartford, CT.

Attendees: Co-chairpersons: Steve Fournier and S. Michael DeRosa; Secretary: Barbara Barry; Treasurer: Christopher Reilly. Absent: Phoebe Godfrey, co-chairperson. No observers.

Discussed potential short and long term goals of the Green Party of CT:

* confidential conference call with ACLU lawyer regarding CTGP/ACLU lawsuit against the State of CT.

* S. Michael DeRosa is seeking more feedback and persons to meet with the co-chairpersons of the CT Elections Committee on 1-21-09 at 2PM in room 2200 of the Legislative Office Building

* need for SCC authorization of money to acquire a state-wide list of registered Green Party voters: add to the 1-27-09 SCC agenda.

Develop the agenda for the 1-27-09 SCC meeting as indicated below:

Proposed agenda for the 7PM 1-27-09 SCC CTGP meeting at Portland Senior Center

Location: Portland Senior Center, 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT 06480 Facilitator: To Be Determined

A. Preliminaries:

1. (1 minute): Introductions of voting/non-voting attendees; chapters; if quorum was met; timekeeper; ground rules.

2. (2-4 minutes): Approval of tonight’s proposed agenda, any deletions or additions.

3. (2-4 minutes): Review and approval of minutes of 12-30-09 SCC meeting.

4. (2 minutes): Review and acceptance of the minutes of the 1-19-09 EC meeting.

5. (2-4 minutes): Treasurer’s report from treasurer: Christopher Reilly.

B. Any proposals/referendums by chapters, committee.

C. Reports: 1. (10-15 minutes): GPUS reports from: a) Cliff Thornton, National Co-chairperson of the GPUS; b) CTGP representatives: Tim McKee and Charlie Pillsbury; c) National Committee Members: Steve Fournier, Richard Duffee and S. Michael DeRosa.

2. (20 minutes): CTGP 1-21-09 meeting with CT State Legislative Government and Election Committee Co-chairpersons.

3. (10-20 minutes): Update regarding the CTGP and ACLU lawsuit against the State of CT regarding the 2005 State of CT Campaign Finance Reform Laws.

4. (15 minutes): CTGP concerns regarding the Elections Department of the CT. Secretary of State during the 11-08 election: a) votes not counted for write-in candidates for president; b) voting problems found by independent election auditors but not by the Secretary of State.

5. (5-10minutes): CTGP literature.

6. (5 minutes): $15 Fundraising Dinner for CTGP: 6pm on Tuesday, 2-17-09 at the French Social Circle, 373 Main Street,, East Hartford, CT 06128-0921. Spaghetti dinner/cash bar/trivia games/door prizes.

7. (5-10 minutes): CTGP goals for 2009 CT legislative session: a) legislative goals for petitioning and campaign finance laws; b) electric rates; c) universal health care.

8. (2-5 minutes, each): Chapter reports.

9. (2-5 minutes): CTGP Road Show at 7Pm on Wednesday, 1-28-09 at Wrench in the Works, 861 Main Street, Willimantic, CT.

10. Date and place for the 2-24-09, Tuesday SCC meeting. Date, place and time of next EC meeting in 1-09: to be determined.

11. Any additions