Green Party of Connecticut

State Central Committee Meeting Minutes, approved on 8/29/22

July 28, 2022 • Zoom virtual meeting


In attendance: Greater Hartford: Peter Goselin (facilitator), Michelle L Bicking; New Haven: not represented; New London: Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller; Shoreline: Keith Foster, Justin Paglino; Windham: Douglas Lary; General chapter: Dustin Fiore, Jeffery Russell, Tim McKee, Laura Tebbetts, Patricia Vener-Saavedra.

Start time: 7:05pm.

          1. The NOMINATING MEETING, which was noticed for 7:00pm was opened; the chair called for a motion to recess and continue the meeting at ~8:00, when more nominees would be present. Doug made the motion to recess and continue, 2nd by Bob; passed by consensus.

          2. Minutes

a) Dustin moved to approve minutes of the June 23 SCC meeting, 2nd by Laura; passed by consensus.

b) Bob moved to accept the minutes of the July 18 Executive Committee meeting for the record, 2nd by Justin; passed by consensus.

        1. Treasurer’s report: Income from donations was $1,450.00, and expenses were $272.60. Balance is $2,911.14 in the Charter Oak (SEEC) account and $195.16 in the Guilford Savings (FEC) account. There was Q&A that included discussion of number of donors, how the allocation of funds is determined, and the current use of the Green Party of CT’s SCC as the sponsoring committee for our statewide slate as well as Jean’s effort in S29. Doug moved to accept the treasurer’s report for the record, 2nd by Jeff; passed by consensus.


  1. Old Business

a) 2022 Election update:

Petitioning has been particularly challenging this year. Potential circulators and signers are facing barriers, as many are restricting their public interactions due to continued Covid risks. The statewide effort is lagging behind projected numbers, with only two weeks until the deadline. In addition to the statewide petitioning, Jean de Smet and David Bedell are gathering signatures to run for State Senate (S29 and S34, respectively), and Michael Oretade is petitioning for CEP qualification. Michelle suggested we hold a thank you event for petitioners after the election.

          1. NOMINATING MEETING was reopened at 8:15pm.

  Mary Sanders, US Congress, 1st District: Doug moved to endorse Mary, 2nd by Bob; approved by consensus.

  David Bedell, petitioning candidate for State Senate, 34th District: Doug moved to endorse, 2nd by Dustin; approved by consensus.

  Keith Foster, Essex Registrar of Voters: Doug moved to endorse, 2nd by Dustin; approved by consensus.

  Sherri Conroy, Wolcott Registrar of Voters; Doug moved to endorse, 2nd by Dustin; approved by consensus.

  Nominating meeting ended at 8:38pm.

            1. New Business

a) Requests for endorsements

  “Build Back Fossil Free” has been rebranded as “People vs. Fossil Fuels,” and the GPUS EcoAction Committee has requested that our state party sign on. There were concerns expressed about the lack of clarity of what exactly is being supported, as well as discussion about the value of various alternatives to fossil fuels including nuclear. Ronna moved to sign on, 2nd by Jeff; passed 7-0 with 3 abstentions, and there was general agreement that this is an important discussion that should be continued after the election.

  Solidarity with detention center strikers: Jeff moved to join Workers Voice in solidarity with the strikers, 2nd by Dustin; passed by consensus.

b) Green Amendment proposal: Peter shared information about how environmental activists in a few states have gotten amendments passed that affirm the right to clean air, clean water, and a safe environment. Although the amendment process in Connecticut is drawn out (3-5 years, as it moves through 2 legislative sessions and a referendum), it seems like a worthwhile endeavor that could foster coalition building with environmentally aware conservatives. We will revisit after the election.

            1. Chapter reports and other updates were deferred to next SCC meeting.
          1. The next meeting will be held on Monday, August 29, at 7:00pm. It will primarily be a Nominating Meeting (our last before the September deadline) with a short State Central Committee meeting for essential business.

Laura moved to adjourn, 2nd by Doug; passed without objection.

End time: 9:08pm.