Green Party of Connecticut

State Central Committee Meeting Minutes, approved on October 5, 2022

August 29, 2022 • Zoom virtual meeting


In attendance: Greater Hartford: Peter Goselin, Martha Kelly, Mary Sanders; New Haven: not represented; New London: Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller; Shoreline: Justin Paglino, Patrick Romano; Windham: Jean de Smet, Cassandra Martineau, Douglas Lary; General chapter: David Bedell, Jeffery Russell, Tim McKee, Laura Tebbetts, Ken Krayeske.

Start time: 7:09pm.

  1. NOMINATING MEETING (chaired by Cassandra)

Ken Krayeske, Attorney General: Ken shared information about his history of supporting Green Party campaigns (in particular Cliff Thornton’s gubernatorial run) and his legal experience (often defending individuals against abuses by state agencies), and answered questions. Tim McKee moved to endorse Ken, 2nd by Peter; approved by consensus.

Nominating meeting ended at 8:15pm.

  1. Minutes
  2. Cassandra moved to approve minutes of the July 28 SCC meeting, 2nd by Tim; passed unanimously with 2 abstentions (Patrick and Jeff).
  3. Bob moved to accept the minutes of the July 18 Executive Committee meeting for the record, 2nd by Justin; passed by consensus.


  1. Treasurer’s report: Income from donations was $1,020.00, and expenses (for travel, petitioning, PO box rental, and Anedot fees) were $1,181.60. Balance is $2,700.54 in the Charter Oak (SEEC) account and $195.16 in the Guilford Savings (FEC) account. Jean moved to accept the treasurer’s report for the record, 2nd by Martha; passed by consensus.


  1. Old Business
  2. a) 2022 Election update:

The statewide petitioning effort was unsuccessful, but a write-in campaign for Governor/Lt. Governor candidates Michelle and Cassandra is being seriously considered. Jean and David, petitioning for SS-29 and SS-34, respectively, both are on the ballot.

The 2nd Congressional District nominating convention will be held on Wednesday, August 31, at 5pm, and will include endorsement of some local candidates within the district as well as a candidate for Congress.

Mary provided an update on her campaign for the 1st Congressional District; she is reaching out to supporters of Muad Hrezi’s attempted primary challenge, as there is considerable overlap in policy stances.

Green Party candidates who were endorsed earlier in the year are still not listed on the SOTS website, causing frustration as forums and debates have already begun to be scheduled; Justin has tried to follow up on the issue, and Ronna will contact SOTS in support.

  1. Other reports and updates:

New Haven Pride will be held on September 17 and DominGO in Hartford will take place on September 25; Green Party participation is encouraged at both events.

Martha reported on the closing of the Hartford incinerator; a celebration hosted by CCEJ is anticipated on October 10 or October 13.

Justin moved to adjourn, 2nd by Bob; passed without objection.

End time: 9:02pm.