Green Party of Connecticut Annual Meeting

May 16, 2020 • Zoom Virtual Conference

Minutes, approved on June 17, 2020

Meeting started at 12:10pm. 

In attendance: Tania Abbatello, David Bedell, Eric Bergman, Michelle Bicking, Hugh Birdsall, Nat Bush, Owen Charles, Lynne Charles, Benjamin Conroy, Sherri Conroy, Jean de Smet, Keith Foster, Paul Garlinghouse, Brian Gay, Peter Goselin, Sharmaine Gregor, Patricia Kane, Vic Lancia, Doug Lary, Mary Lawrence, Rolf Maurer, Tom McCormick, Tim McKee, Jane Nadel, Justin Paglino, Chris Reilly, Jeff Russell, Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller, Lionel Williams, Yann Van Heurck, Wasaka (Mark Roberts), Eugene Woloszyn, David Younng. Guests: Gabriela Campos, Jamarr Farmer, Chris Garaffa, Julie Garay, Rita Jacobs, Chris Ludwig, Jane Meriwether, Peter Millman, Chloe Murphy, Sue Peters, Stephan Ramdohr, Lisa Savage.

Keith reviewed the agenda and shared information about using Zoom features.

NOMINATING CONVENTION – facilitated by Jean

Start time 12:17pm.

The following candidates were presented as Green Party nominees in the November elections:

Sherri Conroy – Registrar of Voters, Wolcott

Paul Garlinghouse – Registrar of Voters, New Haven

Brian Gay – Registrar of Voters, East Hampton

Don Alexander – State Representative, 65th District

Justin Paglino – US House of Representatives, 3rd District

Doug made a motion to endorse the entire slate of candidates, 2nd by Yann; motion passed 27-0.

The following uncontested slate of candidates was presented for GPCT offices:

Co-Chairs: Peter Goselin and Tim McKee

Secretary:   Ronna Stuller

Treasurer:  Bob Stuller

CT Reps to the GPUS (5 seats):  Owen Charles, Keith Foster, Tim McKee, Cora Santaguida, David Younng.

Doug made a motion to endorse the entire slate of candidates, 2nd by Wasaka; motion passed 25-2.

The remaining vacancy for 3rd (female) co-chair will included on the Presidential primary ballot; Tania Abbatello has submitted her name, and further nominations will be accepted until Sunday evening 5/17.

End time: 12:45pm.

The following Annual Meeting schedule was followed:
12:50 – Keynote address by Lisa Savage, candidate for Senate in Maine, followed by Q&A.
1:30 – Breakout sessions: (1) Universal Healthcare (Medicare for All CT); (2) Community Choice Energy Aggregation (Peter Millman); Animal Rights/Human Responsibility (Mary Lawrence); Greenbacks to Counter Wall Street (Eugene Woloszyn, Sue Peters); Food Justice (Julie Garay, Chloe Murphy)     

2:20 – Green Party presidential voting procedure and ballot review: The ballots will start being distributed late Sunday night, and members will have the option of downloading the file, receiving PDF by email, or a paper ballot by US mail.  Voter registration information as well as candidate links will be included in the eblast.

2:40 – A poll was conducted to determine the date of the June State Central Committee meeting, and Wednesday, June 17, 5:45pm, was decided upon.  Based on the SCC date, the deadline for receipt of Presidential Primary Ballots was set at Friday, June 12.

Doug moved to adjourn, 2nd by David B; passed unanimously. Meeting ended at 2:59pm.