Green Party of Connecticut

State Central Committee Meeting

September 25, 2019 • 165 State Street, New London, CT

Minutes, approved on November 13, 2019

In attendance: Fairfield County: not represented; Hartford County: Peter Goselin (GPCT Co-Chair), Martha Kelly; New London: Frida Berrigan, Bud McAllister, Margarita Mogollón, Bob Stuller (GPCT Treasurer), Ronna Stuller (GPCT Secretary, recorder), Kris Wraight; Shoreline: Lynne Charles, Owen Charles, David Younng; Waterford: not represented; Windham: Doug Lary. At Large: Michelle L Bicking, Tim McKee. Guest: Maha Visnu, (MA Green Rainbow Party Co-Chair).

Introductions, snacks, and informal conversation started at 7:00pm. 

Meeting start time 7:26pm, when quorum was met.

1. Treasurer’s Report: Current balance on the state account is $792.46; full report is attached.

2. Election of 2 additional representatives to the GPUS National Committee: Eric Bergman (Shoreline) and Cora Santaguida (Fairfield County) have declared their interest in serving. Nominations were also accepted from the floor, and Owen nominated David Younng who accepted the nomination. Because there were 3 candidates for 2 positions, paper ballots were provided for ranked-choice voting. The ballots were sealed in a can to be tallied using Chris Reilly’s software or by an approved counting team at a later date.

3. Information about upcoming events was shared.

4. Next meeting date was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 23.

Doug moved to adjourn, 2nd by Ronna, approved by consensus. End time 7:40pm.

Following the formal meeting, information was shared about municipal campaigns: Frida and Ronna spoke about their runs for New London mayor and city council, respectively; Owen reported on the full slate of Clinton candidates; Doug reported on the activities of Windham candidates. After those presentations, Maha facilitated a discussion on how to balance electoral activity with activism; how to find good candidates; and on other ideas for cooperation between the Massachusetts and Connecticut Greens and for growing the party.