Green Party of Connecticut Executive Committee meeting

December 20, 2019 - 48 Robbins Drive, Wethersfield, CT 

Present: Peter Goselin, Michelle L Bicking, Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller Start time 6:45pm. 

1. SCC meeting schedule: The poll has not had many participants, but it appears that Wednesday, January 15 is the best day for most individuals. For consistency, we may want to continue to hold meetings on the 3rd Wednesday through March: 1/15, 2/19, 3/18. We will check room availability at the Newington and Durham libraries. Determination of our Annual Meeting date will be on the SCC agenda. 

2. Establishment of representative voting in January: Ronna has contacted each chapter and received input from Shoreline, General (At-large), Fairfield County, Windham, and New London. Assistance is available, especially for larger chapters, to help formalize member lists. (Bylaws specify 1 voting rep per 5 chapter members.) 

3. Presidential preference voting in 2020: GPCT members have in the past voted for Presidential candidate choices at the annual meeting. We discussed whether an option should be provided for absentee voting for President along with our election of state officers, and also discussed whether a ranked choice system or proportional allocation of single votes would be preferred. The issue will be placed on the January SCC agenda for further discussion. 

4. Hugh Birdsall’s proposal for community building within the party was reviewed and discussed. It was our general consensus that the state party is not quite ready to follow up now, but we would support a local (Shoreline) program with the probability of bringing it to GPCT in the future. 

5. Toll free number: Because of (1) Telrite's very poor rating in service and business practices, (2) the lack of online billing which makes payment cumbersome, (3) the infrequent use of the line, (4) availability of free long-distance calling from most cell phones, and (5) the posting of all GPCT officers’ phone numbers on our website, the EC voted 4-0 to end the service. If we find we need a toll free line in the future, we will seek out a better provider. 

6. 2020 general elections: In addition to the Presidential election, the Green Party will be seeking candidates for Congress, Connecticut legislature, and Registrar(s) of Voters. We have the ballot lines for some positions and will need to petition for others. A presentation on the 2020 elections will be added to the January SCC agenda. 

7. An EC teleconference will be scheduled the first week in January to finalized the date, location, and agenda of the next SCC meeting. 

End time: 8:30pm.