Green Party of Connecticut Annual Meeting
May 12, 2018
Portland Waverly Center, 7 Waverly Avenue, Portland, CT

Meeting started at 11:30am. 

In attendance: Fairfield County: David Bedell, Richard Duffee, Ed Heflin, Rolf Maurer, Cora Santaguida. Hartford County: Barbara Barry, S. Michael DeRosa (GPCT co-chair), Bill Glickman, Paul Gobell, Peter Goselin, Dave Ionno, Martha Kelly, Tom McCormick, Chris Reilly (GPCT treasurer), Jeff Russell, Mary Sanders. New London: Bud McAllister, Bob Stuller, Ronna Stuller (GPCT secretary, recorder). Shoreline: Lynne Charles, Owen Charles, Madeleine Leveille, David Younng; Waterford: Emily Garfinkel (GPCT co-chair, facilitator), Joshua Steele Kelly. At large: Rob Barstow, Rene Gagnon, Larry Kern, Vittorio Lancia, Doug Lary, Cassandra Martineau, Tim McKee, Daniel Stefanski, Linda Thompson, Amy Vas Nunes, Eugene Woloszyn, Susan Ye.

Guests: Amy Martin, Desmond Von Bora, Itancan Wasaka,

The following Candidates ran for Party Office (all positions for one-year terms):

Co-Chair (3 seats):  Barbara Barry, Rob Barstow, Mike DeRosa, Joshua Kelly, Cassandra Martineau, Rolf Maurer.

Secretary:  Cora Santaguida, Ronna Stuller

Treasurer:  Chris Reilly

CT Rep to the GP/US (3 seats):  Rob Barstow, Owen Charles, Mike DeRosa, Joshua Kelly, Cora Santaguida, Linda Thompson. (Tim McKee was on the ballot, but withdrew his candidacy.)

The following Annual Meeting schedule was followed:
11:00 – Arrival, snacks, and social hour.
11:25 – Welcome and ground rules.

11:30 ­– Candidates for internal offices gave statements and answered questions.

12:30 – Lunch break, including 1-on-1 with candidates.
1:00 – Ballots were collected.

1:00 – Nominating Convention for GP Candidates for Statewide Office was convened; candidate statements were followed by vote for each office individually.

            Secretary of the State: Mike DeRosa was endorsed by consensus.

            Attorney General: Peter Goselin was endorsed by consensus.

            Comptroller: Ed Heflin was endorsed by consensus.

US Senate: Angela Capinera, TJ Elgin, and Jeff Russell sought the nomination; a motion to delay the voting due to the absence of TJ and Angela failed. Voting was implemented using paper ballots and ranked choice voting. Results (with 38 ballots cast): Angela 20, Jeff 15, TJ 3.

2:30 – Nominating Convention was ended.

2:35 – Workshop Session 1
            The Case for Public banking (Ed Heflin)
            Connecticut Energy and the Future of Millstone (Tom McCormick)
            Community Land Trusts for Affordable Housing (Ronna Stuller)

3:15 – Workshop Session 2
            Ballot Access: Bringing more voices to CT’s electorial system (Mike DeRosa)
            Immigrants’ Rights in the Workplace (Peter Goselin)
            Banning Single-use Plastic in our Towns and State (Joshua Kelly)

4:00 – Future Focus: discussion of potential issues to work on this year

            Non-nuclear alternative energy

            Reduce barriers to ballot access

            Increase diversity and professionalism of party

            Discriminatory ballot design

            Progressive taxation (“millionaire’s tax”)

            Ranked choice voting

            Single payer healthcare

            $15 minimum wage

            Climate disruption

            Disenfranchisement of incarcerated citizens

            Green Party membership dues to fund activities

4:20 – Internal election results were reported

Election Results for May 2018–April 2019 term of office:

Co-Chairs:  Joshua Kelly, Mike DeRosa, and Cassandra Martineau were elected Co-Chairs.

Secretary:  Ronna Stuller was elected Secretary.

GP/US:  Mike DeRosa, Owen Charles, and Joshua Kelly and were elected as representatives from Connecticut to the national Green Party.

Treasurer:  Chris Reilly was elected Treasurer.

4:30 – There was a discussion on the next SCC meeting date; it will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 7:00pm, at the Portland Waverly Center.

Meeting ended at 4:35pm.

Approved on November 13, 2019.